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Mt. Bachelor snubbed?

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OK, first off let me start out by saying I've never skied at Bachelor. That said, I was very surprised that Bachelor didn't make it into this year's Ski magazine top 60 resorts list. What gives? The strange thing is they ranked number one for lifts. It looks like a damn good mountain with consistent snowfall. On top of this, the mag put in a special regional section at the back listing the "also rans" for your geographical region. Bachelor didn't even show up in this section for the Pacific region! Was this some kind of oversight, or is Bachelor really lacking? I take these rankings with a serious grain of salt, but I can't imagine that Mt. Bachelor doesn't deserve inclusion at all!!
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I can't speak for Mt. Bachelor, but keep in mind that Jay Peak, VT -- in all likelihood the most interesting, and certainly the snowiest spot east of the Rockies -- also did not chart in the Ski Magazine poll.

This has already been addressed in an earlier thread, but the SkiMag polling data is skewed heavily toward the total RESORT experience, rather than purely on terrain, snow, and value (the three areas that matter most to me, and probably to most of the Bears). Thus, the winners: DV in the west, Tremblant in the east.

I subscribe to the mag (more as a goof), but don't take it too seriously... remember, they have advertisers who pay their bills.
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Mt. Bachelor lacks three things. One, there is no lodging on the mountain. Two, Bend doesn't have the 'night life' areas like Jackson or Tahoe do. Three, Mt. Bachelor doesn't have a lot of steep narrow chutes.

Instead, it only has consistantly great snow, a good variety of terrain, long seasons, some of the best cruiser runs around & the best spring skiing anywhere. A couple years ago the editor for Ski magazine made a confession that Mt. Bachelor is his favorite mountian. I love skiing Bachelor and really don't mind it doesn't get the attention or crowds it deserves.

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Not to mention Bend, Oregon is not easy to get to from outside the state........
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I skied Mt Bachelor for the first time in long time last season at the end of March. It was great. I was there on a Sunday and no one was there. I didn't wait in any lines. Only occassionally was there someone else on any of the black diamond runs. It was a sunny blue-bird day. I have to admit I have been on much more challenging mountains. But I do enjoy being able to rip through a variety of terrain all day.

I am getting my young twins started skiing this year. Although I didn't ski any of the easier runs, I was very impressed at the family friendly layout. I plan on making many trips over this year. I am of the same mind as previous responders. I prefer less crowds, more skiing.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by jamesdeluxe:
but the SkiMag polling data is skewed heavily toward the total RESORT experience, rather than purely on terrain, snow, and value<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I often lose track of what I read where, but didn't that poll rate MRG pretty high in terms of Terrain & Challenge?
I only ask because MRG is about as "un-resort" as you can get and still have a place at the base to get beer & burgers.
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The reason Mt.Flachelor(not a type-o)was not ranked this year is because we paid them off.

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I lived in Bend for my first year of college and got in 80 days. The mountain gets a fair amount of snow. The snow is heavy alot though and it rains more than anyone in bend would like to admit. It also has basically no steeps whatsoever. But the place is pretty damn fun and has some runs off the summit on the backside that are 15 mins long and really wierd terrain. A good place to snowboard for sure, but lacks a the steeps for a skier.

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No Respect...but that's fine cause I'm skiing there Saturday and -oh my gosh-they are doing a demo day!!! Maybe I will get a chance to try those Volkl P4 or the XMOD's. Life is sooo goood. Hope to see you there.
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