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Hostel X Story

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eug, your other thread reminded me of one of my favorite Jackson Hole stories.

In early October of 1974, my (young) wife and I went on a vacation through Wyoming and Montana. We had stayed a couple of nights at the Hostel and then gone on up to go camping in the Spanish Peaks Wilderness not far from Big Sky. We noticed as we drove through Yellowstone Park toward Montana that there were several places to eat, buy gas, etc in the Park.

As we were driving back to Jackson Hole after the camping trip, we didn't buy gas in West Yellowstone because we planned to stop at Old Faithful, look around, buy gas, etc. Well, unbeknownst to us, all facilities in the Park had closed for the season between the time we drove through on the way up and when we came back through. I was sure we were going to run out of gas at any minute.

Bottom line is that we pulled into Teton Village and the Hostel at 6:15pm, just after the only gas station there had closed. Not only that, all the restaurants, stores, etc in the Village were closed because it was off-season (this was back when there were only about four buildings in Teton Village). What that meant was that we had no gas, only some leftover camping food, and no means of transportation.

We checked into the Hostel and mentioned to Colby that we had just *barely* made it there and would have to wait until the gas station opened in the morning to be able to go anywhere. 10 minutes later, as we're digging unappetizing food out of our packs, there's a knock on our door. Colby had the keys to his car so we could go into Jackson for dinner. We thanked him profusely but refused the car (I'd just had a friend go through a nightmare about a loaned car and an accident).

Ten minutes after *that*, there's another knock on the door. Colby had called the owner of the gas station, who had left home and dinner and was coming back to the Village to open the station just so we could buy gas. Ruth and I were just blown away by how friendly and generous everyone was there.

The next morning was one of those incredibly beautiful crisp fall days in Jackson Hole. As we were leaving the Hostel to go on a hike, we ran into Colby. He was sitting in a rocker on the front balcony just looking out at the valley and the cattle grazing in the grassland across the lane. I remember him saying they were "his" cows because he "watched them a lot more than the guy who owned them".


A final little Hostel tidbit... we met Colby's two young sons when we first visited there. The youngest, Benny, grew up to become the Commander of the famed (and notorious) Jackson Hole Air Force.
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What a great story, thanks for sharing! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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