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Ski Upkeep

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I just got my new set of Dynastar Intuitive 69C's. I have used them a bunch this winter, and now I am nearing the end of my ski season. I have two questions.

What should I do as the season ends, in terms of summer storage, ski waxing, etc.?

The skis got all scratched up in the back, from people skiing over the ends while waiting in lift lines. Is there any way to protect your skis? Or is this a loosing battle? Can these scratches be buffed out, or is this just something that I have to deal with?

Any input is always appreciated.

Best regards.
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I always get my skis tuned and waxed after the season, so they're ready to go for next year. I stick them in the basement, mines not too damp. Some folks put a storage wax on them, but I've never had a problem with edge rust.
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Opinions vary widely on how to store.

My personal storage- take care of all the dings and repairs on the bases, clean and sharpen all the edges. clean the bases (use the your own method of choice for cleaning hot scrape, citris cleaner, etc) put a new structure on the bases if needed and then put a hard coat of wax (cold weather wax) followed by an All temp wax. Do not scrape this final coat of wax. Just leave it thick. I also put a little on the side edge of the rails to protect them from moisture.

Store them upright if possible in a cool dry location. (don't put them in a hot attic, or garage if your garage gets summer heat)

This bindings are also a matter of debate among skiers/techs, I usually write down the din settings and crank them down to minimum. Then re set them at the beginning of the next year. (this is my preference not a MFG suggestion) I also check them for proper lube and make sure no dirt grime is in the mechanism and clean/lube as necessary.

As far as the top skins, I just use a sharp knife and cut off any large peelings that might be there make sure none of the damage goes down to the core or through the topsheet. I find it's not worth the effort to keep cleaning/buffing out the finish. I'm sure someone will point you to a topskin cover you can add and I believe also sells a topskin saver but once these get chewed up they look pretty horrible and you need to replace the topskin saver often. Unless you are trying to preserve a very high resale value, I just don't see the need.
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I just got new skis last week and went to the store yesterday to get the scuff guard stuff. its like clear plastic tape thats fairly thick.

for 10 bucks you get a fairly large roll, the package says it can do 4 skis, but if you only do the front n backs and not the binding area i'm sure you can get alot out of that roll. just redo as needed. heat with a hair dryer and peal off.. simple n easy.
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