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Getting around in SLC

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Ok, booked my flight ($198 yea!) and have the first few days of hotel booked, but was wondering if there's a way to get around without use of a car. So far, no decent size cars are available for time I'm there (3/7-316). Any ideas?
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there is the UTA Bus system. They offer a ski bus to the four Cottonwood resorts. Also there is the Utah Trax system which runs the entire lenght of the valley, from down town to Sandy, 20 miles to the south. The ski bus stops at every major hotle in the downtown area. You can ride Trax to the 7200 so. station, then transfer to the ski bus as well.
If your staying in downtown, most resturants/ bars are in a 5- 6 block radius. Easy to walk to. Or check with your hotel to see if they offer a shuttle. In most cases the shuttle driver would be happy to drop you off in downtown, pick you up when your ready to return.
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TR, Thanks. SO far I'm booked at the LaQuinta Inn in Midvale. I was told this is close to everything and was a good spot. Prices are pretty good, so I hope they weren't teasing me. Do you think the bus would hit this location? I did just find some cars available but if the bus is easy and cheap, saves me the $500 or so a rental would cost. Thanks Again
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I'm not sure if the 'ski bus' stops at that hotel, since it isn't in downtown proper. You can catch a regular scheduled bus to the mouth of either Cottonwood Canyon, from 7200 So. www.rideuta.com is the website for the bus / trax system system here. They should have a linked about the ski bus.
As for the night life, there isn't to much in Midvale. It's a smalll suburb , south of Salt Lake City 15 miles. But since your going to be near the 7200 So.Trax station, you can jump on the inbound train, be in downtown in 15 minutes. Once on it, you can be dropped in the middle of downtown, where there are lots of bars and resturants.
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Can you recommend a better area or somewhere closer to slopes than where I am? Not looking for thrills or much nightlife. Just somewhere to grab some food and maybe watch a game or something after a nice day of skiing. Thanks
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There is a good selction of resturants and a couple of brew pubs on 7200 so. in the Union Park area. You pass right thur here on your way to the Cotton wood canyons. :
Right next to youe motel, there's a Dennys, two block east on State and State Steet there's a Dee's Family Resturant. Also an Artic Circle Drive Inn
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