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I have been getting lots of great advice from the board. I am looking to move from my 4 year old Atomic 9.18's and am almost sold on the Fischer RX 8 RailFlex in a 165 -170. I am a 5'11", 240 pound eastern Intermediate to Advanced Intermediate skier. I like to stretch out the runs by doing a lot of turning. Before I take the plunge, I am asking the board one more time for an opinion. Is the RX 8 the way to go or is it too stiff for me? I originally went the stiff route because of my weight. Any other growth options out there.

Please reply any and all.

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I'd be worried that you'd break the friggin' ski you fat bastard.

TOTALLY kidding [img]graemlins/angel.gif[/img]

I think you'll flex the ski nicely, go for it.
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I understand your concerns about getting the right product. TJ Larson is the Fischer rep for the Rocky Mountains. He is also a former ski racer and could have played pro football at 6'4" and 240 lbs.

I'll be glad to let you talk to him on the phone. He is well known as a straight shooter and all around nice guy.

I would also venture to say that if we taped up and RX8 and an RX6 you would be hard pressed to take a blind test and tell the difference. The 6 has essentially no metal and a wood core making it a better bump ski.

You can certainly jump on a WC SC. Having grown up in the burg I know how rock hard it can get and our top hard snow ski is the RX8. Ski it relatively short and the snap and short turn performance won't be far from the WC SC. I give a very slight edge to the RX8 on hard snow due to torsional rigidity.

P.M. me for TJ's phone number if you want to converse with him. He's a good guy.

Lastly....there were a lot of women instructors on the Sceneo 400 and 500 last year and those skis had similar flex patterns/feel. Fischer ain't going to market a flagship ski that is too stiff for the average joe! It simply wouldn't make any sense.
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