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lack of snow

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going to breck in dec. 12...have gone in dec. several times in colo. but always had fine snow...should i worry??
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I also arrive at DIA on December 12, but I'm not pinning myself down to any one resort... not that early in the year. If it's slim pickins in Summit County, there's always Monarch or Wolf Creek.
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Loveland should have something then, being so high.
also, I am driving from Salt Lake City to Aspen for the opening day of Aspen Highlands that weekend the 15th.
great vibe, FANTASTIC Mountain.

oh & please

P R A Y 4 S N O W !!!!

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Right now no one in Colorado has anything, but you can rest assured that by Dec.12th someone will have something. Funny thing last year, Dec. 12th at Vail was one of the best days of the year for me, thigh deep powder runs all day!!
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