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Mittersill Lives Again!

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For those Northeasterners who've had the pleasure of hiking up from the Taft Run at Cannon Mountain and skiing over to the yummy trails at Mittersill, things are looking up:

http://www.snowjournal.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid= 254

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(Arte Johnson voice)
Veddy interesting!!

Making a mental note to go to Cannon this year...
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Ahhh, the hometown hill...did you take the photo from Bald Mt or Artist's Bluff? Baron's Run is looking pretty well maintained, has anyone been doing clearing over there? Remember to straightline the last half of the Taft!
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Actually, I poached the photo from the Cannon website. Here's another pic that shows more of Mittersill's trails

And I really like this run, right under the main lift:
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Here are some pics I took in March 2001:


They are in wide-format, so don't forget to click on each to maximize.
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