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Hi there
I've never skied before and i m going to Rhode Island for 4 months from the end of January.
Could anyone recommend a good resort around there for me to start with?
thanks a lot
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Yawgoo Valley! That is the only resort in RI

I guess it depends on a couple things - how far you want to travel? do you just want a day trip or a weekend? Are you looking for other things to do (nightlife, etc..) as well? I assume you will be renting gear and buying a learn to ski package?

Your closest day trip resorts are going to be places like Wachusett and Nashoba in MA (probably just fine for your first day on the hill), and some of the southern NH resorts like Sunapee.

If you are looking for a weekend trip with more of a ski vacation feel head up Rt. 93 a bit and get a place at Loon or Waterville. They have good ski school programs and nice little towns around them.

Let us know a bit more what you are looking for and we can recommend something with a little more detail. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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To some extent it depends on whether you're planning to do day trips, or spend a few days. If the latter, you have many more options. We live in southern RI and just started skiing last year. We started at Gunstock -- probably 2.5 hrs from Providence. They offer a 3-day package which includes lessons (2 hours/day as I recall), equipment rental, and lift tickets for $109. Really a screaming deal and based on our experience, I think the multi-day approach is a very good thing. We liked all the instructors, and we're now addicted to skiing. I think Pat's Peak would also be a good choice. If you're spending a night or two, I'd take a close look at Bretton Woods -- not familiar with their ski school or begginer program but they have gentle green circle trails all over the mountain. I'm also sending you a private message. Welcome to RI and welcome to skiing!
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