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Argentina safe?

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Argentina has been having some economic difficulties lately. I'm a little leary about going there; any admonitions? I've never been to S. America. I have only been to Europe once (1 week in Zermatt and 1 week in St. Anton).

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Though we are in the middle of a economic and social crisis, Argentina still is safe. Furthermore safety issues are a Buenos Aires problem only. When you´re in the mountains, resorts or ski towns there´s no problem at all.

Think about Las Lenas. This self-contained village doens´t even have police dept. They have 2 or 3 private security guards, and that´s all.

If you´re thinking about skiing in Argentina, then head south next August. You won´t regret at all. Also we had a huge snowfall yesterday, giving us 6 ft. of new snow! Big thanks to El Nino!
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If anyone is interested, I have a 6 person condo to rent for the week of August 3 to August 10 in Las Lenas. PM me if you want to see the floor plan.
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That advisory is pretty stale. I found the people very warm and friendly for the most part. BA is a
beautiful city and I felt safe downtown even at
2am. But one of my friends did get robbed in the Mendoza bus station. I would not recommend taking the bus from BA to Las Lenas.
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On a more positive note:


This is the nearest airport
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Yeah, if you wantto call it an airport... we had to buzz the runway once to scare the friggin goats out of the way -- and this was with a commercial charter that was coming apart at the seams. Go for the plane ride alone - it's worth it!
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Is it that bad? I am going to bus in from Mendoza but my family is flying in to Malargue. Is it unsafe? If it was unsafe before it would have to be worse now.
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I wouldn't take the bus from Buenos Aires because its a very long haul, not necessarily unsafe.
My friend that got robbed was touring all of the South American resorts so he was taking a lot of buses. He had a very large backpack and a ski bag. Someone squirted some goo on his backpack when he wasn't looking and then pointed it out to him. As he was removing his backpack they snatched his fanny pack with money,pasports, ect.
and ran. I think that if you use your head and have some situational awareness, you should be fine.
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My post was directed at Cheapie. I am concerned about the airport. You have to be pretty out of it to be a victim of the petty street crime. I have bused all over South America and love that mode of transport.

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I didn't have a problem with the Malarque charter.
We had a fairly new 737.
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good. I can picture how, with the economic situation, that their maintenance programs would be one of the first things to suffer.
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A tip from a local...

If you´re taking a bus from Buenos Aires to Malargue, you need to keep your eyes open at the Retiro Bus Station (Buenos Aires) only. Though you´ll notice police and private guards presence, snatching may occur. During a regular day around 1000 buses arrive and departure. Multiply this by 40 pax per bus and at peak hours you may see almost 2,000 people together ready to catch their bus.
Bottom line: Though safety is not an issue, it´s recommended not to leave your luggage unattended.

I´ve also taken charter flights from Buenos Aires to Malargue airport. Come on... goats?...
It doesn´t matter if there´s an economic crisis going on. Airports are safe or are closed.

Well, hope this helps.
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Yes I have no hesitation in recommending people go to Argentina. The travel advisory paints quite a different picture to reality.

As for bus stations, some of the scariest I’ve seen have been in the US, downtown LA comes to mind.
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