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Salt Lake to Jackson?

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I'm going to be making the drive late this wednesday night from Salt Lake to Jackson. The JH website lists three sets of directions... anybody have suggestions for which route will be quickest and easiest for navigating late at night for first time? Any passes to avoid if it's snowing?
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Thanks, Bob. That's a big help -- we're leaving from the airport so the I-15 north route sounds good. We'll look for you on the slopes and hope for a nice Friday night dump.
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Bob gave the best route to take. The roads between Evanston and Jackson, can get real bad some time.
Stop off at Swan Valley at the store at the junction of hiway 31 and 26, and get a square ice cream cone. Only place i know of that sells them.
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keep in mind

2 lanes in ID are 55mph

interstates are 75mph

the shortest route may not be the quickest

Free your heels, poke your eyes out!
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what is the drive time from SLC airport to Jackson?
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FD and I will be skiing with Dave Miller (per your recommendation) at JH this Friday AM. Thanks again for the insight...

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4.5 hours must seem really excessive to Salt Lake residents, who are within an hour of several top ski mountains. However, sitting here in Philly, that doesn't sound bad at all. I'm driving 8 hours (each way) to get my faily up to Vermont for the long weekend.
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Bob, thanks for the info. I, too, should be headed to JH sometime in March. Flying into SLC and probably head there with a buddy.

If the snow's really, really good, we'll ski some of the SLC resorts. I really want to ski Jackson Hole, since I haven't been there before.

Thanks again for the driving info...very informative.
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