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December honeymoon in summit county

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For part of our honeymoon, my fiance and I were thinking of doing some skiing out west. Since it will be relatively early in the season (mid december), I've already narrowed the search down to summit county(being that they have the best probability of having good snow early). The question remains, which mountain and what accomodations? We're looking for a hotel with decent ammenities, and a area that has some night life. Any recommendations would be welcome to help narrow the search.

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Breckenridge is the one of the three with a real town and main street to prowl around on. Ski resort base areas can be pretty quiet in the low season. Breck would probably have more locals in the area regardless of snow conditions and timing.

You didn't indicate where you were coming in from. If you are a lowlander, you might want to take into consideration the chances of AMS symptoms. Headaches and such on a honeymoon don't seem very enticing. ...There are other options.
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i would recommend breck too for a honeymoon. the whole setting, town, mountains in the background, locals, the christmas lighting everywhere, slieghrides, nite skiing at keystone, theres even a few restaurants overlooking the mountain range; beats most other places i have seen at christmastime. you still have keystone, abasin and vail; if breck isnt enough for you.
you take some aspirin daily to keep away ams.
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I don't have any real suggestions for lodging and whatnot, but I just wanted to thank you. Your question jogged some memories of my own honeymoon.

My wife and I spent the last half of our honeymoon in Summit County almost 32 years ago. (My God! How could it be that long?!?!?!?!?)

We got married right before Thanksgiving and were in Steamboat and Vail the first week. Then, we went to Dillon for the second week of our honeymooon.

It was great that time of year. After the Thanksgiving crowds, almost no one was around any of the resorts that first week of December. We could ski, go to dinner, walk around, whatever, with the whole area all to ourselves.

I think too that you might find Breckenridge would be an excellent place to stay (more restaurants, shopping, bars, etc), but I bet you'd enjoy yourselves in any of the Summit County locations.

Congratulations on your wedding and have a great time. I don't think you could go wrong at Summit County.

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Bob, funny that's similar to our honeymoon as well. We lived in Denver at the time and every island we picked for our honeymoon got hit or was about to be hit by a hurricane in 95. So we switched gears and drove to Driggs and rented a house. Skied Targhee all week with fantastic snow (this was just after Thanksgiving as well) then the big dump came...98" in 48 hours at Foggee. Never got to ski JH as it was still green the entire time. Amazing how the storms work in that area. The snowmobiling at Togodee was also something I will always remember...nobody around for miles just us and the moose and elk.
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