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Mt. Washington, BC??

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Hey all! I have a great opportunity to spend a few days here with some friends but have never heard of the resort. From their website, it looks like they get an insane amount of snow. It's on Vancouver Island so it's surrounded by water.

Anyone skied here before and if so, can you compare it to a US resort? Size-wise it looks like an Alpine Meadows/Kirkwood resort.

Thanks in advance.

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Haven't skied there in years but it was good then and has expanded since. Can get more snow than W/B. And if you stay in town is really cheap. Size wise can't compare as never been south of the border out west to ski.
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Take a look at the reviews at www.goski.com. Seems like some people like it while some others don't. Sounds like the weather is a little unpredictable due to it being so close to the ocean. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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