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BC and Alberta Resorts

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Ok, this is just a few questions about the different mountains and towns in Western Canada. It's related to the other post about this area, we are trying to work out where we should go next season to work. Thanks for your input!!
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2 choices for each may have been a good idea.
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Why? I'm not sure what you mean Moose21 :
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Originally posted by Juulz85:
I come from a land down under
Where women glow and men thunder
But the skiing sux
Dude, go easy on Aussie skiing. We could have none at all. I always enjoy skiing in Australia.
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Just to clarify, there is a town in Lake Louise and it is possible to live there depending what you are doing. It is mostly staff accomodation so the job is key. It is also possible to live in Banff and ski or work at Lake Louise which a great many do. If you get a big 3 pass you can ski Sunshine and Lake Louise and Norquay while living in Banff.
Kicking Horse is a cool set up but a season there would get old unless you were seriously dedicated to back country. The 'slack country' access looks awesome. Although the advanced/expert terrain abounds at the top I don't consider it the best for lack of access, variety and snow. I think the lift set up there really needs to be worked on to make it interesting but again the lift access to the back country looks amazing.
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KH and Sunshine get about the same snow which is almost always superior to LL. LL has a rep for icy conditions though that is probably do to the front side slopes and the man made snow.

It depends on what you want. But for the whole package Fernie has it. People who come from Oz to just ski, go to Fernie. Don't need a car.

Now if in Golden your only just over an hour from LL though I'm not sure if you would ever make that drive it was raining at KH. But it has that as an option. From Golden you can access some amazing bc with tons of snow and lower avie danger than the Rockies. Town is abit rough around the edges.
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Point taken Dave-O, I enjoy Aussie skiing too. I guess I could make it clearer that I'm speaking relatively here...
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Hey there Juulz85:

I can't speak to conditions for expert skiers, since I'm intermediate, but having just come back from Banff last week, I can offer my observations about the towns and the slopes.

It was common knowledge among the people I talked to that Sunshine Village had better snow, but my experience was that it really depends. I encountered spring conditions on the front face of Sunshine one day, and it had been snowing the day before at Lake Louise.

As far as where to live, if you're young and want a night scene, Banff is definitely your top choice. It's very touristy, but there were tons of younger people there. Or you might want to consider Canmore, which is where I stayed. It's a 10-15 minute drive from Banff, less populated, but still fun and very funky.

Also, as someone else suggested, be sure to consider working at Norquay. I didn't ski there, but it's the closer to Banff than either Sunshine or Lake Louise.
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Yikes! I wouldn't vote in this poll because there are a couple I've never been to, so not fair to compare. Conspicously absent is Sun Peaks.

Even more conspicuously absent is Whistler, which completely blows away all those resorts in every category. If people complain about crowds at Whistler, they are obviously going at the wrong times... outside of peak times, there's rarely a lineup at many lifts.

Yah, it's almost a cliche, but the answer really is Whistler.
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