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couple of mt. hood questions

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i plan on spending a long ski weekend at timberline this july. i've never been up. i know there are race camps that will occupy much (?) of the mountain, and maddog has informed me there are "lanes" set up for the non-race camp types. how much acreage is set aside for freeskiing? are there chairs that feed racer and non-racer areas? if someone WANTS to get timed, for example, are there gates/speedtraps available to those not involved in formal race groups.
i get the basic idea, i think; just soliciting a more finely tuned picture.

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I've never skied there in June or July, but in August there's but a single lane available to non-racers / ski-campers and it gets chewed up because all of the racers / campers do their warm ups on that lane. : That lane is right next to the lift. Whether or not additional lanes are available depends on how many lanes are rented out at that time or if a group or two don't show. It's possible that the lanes furthest from the lift will be open.

A single lift services everyone.

Don't know the answer to your last question, but I'm certain that these services will not be available to you.

Look up the Timberline trail map on their web site. Other than a long run out that doesn't quite make it to the lodge, all skiing is confined to the upper snow field / glacier (Palmer).

Do you know which weekend? This is a great excuse to host an Oregon beer gathering. [img]smile.gif[/img] Where will you be staying?
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OOPS. see below.

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Will be at Timberline Lodge June 14, 15, 16.

Hope to see an Oregon bear or two.

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The lanes do get chewed up pretty quickly. Just use them for the warm up runs and then head out of bounds as soon as the snow corns up. Skiers right off the lift, traverse out past the rope until you find the best aspect for corn.
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