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CO media conspires for areas' benefit

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On Wed. I drove to Breckenridge (from the front range) and was pleasantly suprised to find 1' of fresh snow (2' in spots).
Such a large snow fall had not been predicted, nor had it been reported on the morning radio. The place was crowd-free, and I was still getting fresh tracks in the bowls at 3:30PM. Early the next morning the media was reporting that the mts. had gotten 10'' overnight. I was excited, and apparently so was much of Denver. Breck was packed, but alas there was no significant additional snowfall (including anywhere along the drive). My conclusion: the media reported what was in fact tuesPM/wedAM
snowfall as a wedPM/thursAM event to help boost ski area business. Call me cynical...
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Its not the media conspiring (having been a part of the CO media for years as a writer and Radio announcer) - its the media simply being lazy. They don't have time and money to go measure snowfalls first hand - so they simply believe whatever is called into them each day by the marketing department of each resort . . . and you can imagine how accurate the marketing folks are!
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Wed; Vail was light, dry and deep with face shots on a crunchy base of yahoo bumps.

Thurs; Vail was deeper, heavier and a little of a workout BUT places that have been crap all seasons where now "the business".

You can only make a decent report after the fact.

Vail just gets better.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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You know how at the beginning of the snow report it says something like "..as of 5am.."? Guess what: it means they don't count the snow that falls on Wed after 5am.

Here's how Wed went for me: I heard trace amounts reported (<=1"). Then I skied all morning (@Copper) while it dumped. By the end of the day there had been considerable snow fall. In fact, in Dillon the snow kept flying till about 11pm.

The next morning they reported that 10" (at Copper, 8" at Breck, 6" at Vail) had fallen in the past 24 hours and they were absolutely correct. If anything, I think Vail was under-reported. We were knee-deep all morning.
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All true- Wednesday was knee deep weightless powder in the back bowls in the afternoon, and nearly empty of skiers; heavier and cut up on thursday (with blue skies and bigger crowds). Friday at Breck seemed like there hadn't been much new snow at all.
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You also have to keep in mind where they measure from. I know that when Vail reports say 10 inches of new snow. You may have up to 3-4 inches of new snow on the front side, and you will find the full 10 inches or more in the back bowls, and over in Blue Sky Basen.

People who hear the report but never get off the front side are sometimes disappointed and think Vail is fluffing the snow reports.
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It seems that these Vail associated resorts "steer" the snowfall based on where they would like to increase the business.
Sometimes it is so obvious it's sick.
Like a day Vail reports 14", drive over and maybe 6" Very frustrating.
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