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I got this emailed to me today from It mainly deals with European resorts...

According to our information the best snow can be found in the following locations at the moment:

Austria: St Anton with 210 cm of snow at the top and 45 cm lower down and 84 lifts open. At the Gletschers we can find Hockhar with 300 cm and Kitzsteiner and Dachsteiner with about 280 cm of snow.

Canada: Big White and Mount Washington both have 213 cm of snow and all lifts open. Whistler mountain and Silver Star both have 195 cm of snow at the top. Silver Star has 5/9 lifts open and Whistler all 33 lifts open. And listen to this: virgin powder in all four places !!

Finland: The most snow at the moment can be found in Pyha, Yllas and Ruka. About 30 cm of snow and all lifts open. Extremely cold in Ruka and Yllas today. -13 degrees and very strong winds. -17 degrees in Pyha but not so windy.

France: The situation in France could be better. Only 120 cm of snow higher up in Flaine and 40 cm lower down. 17/17 lifts open. Warm, rainy days have spoiled the snow situation in many places in France. Sunshine and even warmer weather forecast.

Germany: In Germany Zugspitze has the best snow as usual: 235 cm of snow at the top and 8 lifts open. The last snow fall was on Dec 31.

Italy: In Italy we can find 160 cm of snow at the top of Cervinia and 20 cm of snow lower down. 13/54 lifts open today.

Norway: In Norway Roldal has 70 cm of snow, excellent skiing conditions today and 4/4 lifts open.

Spain: In Spain we can find 120 cm snow in Valdelinares. 40 cm of snow lower down and 6/8 lifts open.

Sweden: In Sweden we have to go as high up as to Dundret to find the best snow: 65 cm of snow both at the top and lower down. 4/9 lifts open today.

Switzerland: In Switzerland the best snow is without any doubt in Gstaad with 250 cm snow higher up and only 5 cm lower down. 60/66 lifts open today. Engelberg of course has a bit more with 330 cm on the glaciers.

USA: The US winners today are Alta with 170 cm 11/11 lifts open and Snow Bird with 12/12 lifts open. Powder snow in both places.

Enjoy it, wherever you find it!