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Ischgl in Februaury

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I am going to Ischgl from Feb 2-9. Any restaurant and bar recommendations. I will be staying at the Trofana Royal. Anyone been to this resort? Likes/Dislikes. Any information is appreciated.

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Welcome aboard Atlanta66SS
After I moved your post I noticed you had posted in both locations so I removed one of them.

Sounds like fun but I've never been there. If you don't get any responses, please do give us some feed back when you return.
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Welcome Atlanta,

I've never been but have heard it's good.

EnglishDan may be able to give you some info.

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I couldn't tell you about accommodation or nightlife as I only do day trips but skiing wise Ischgl is great.

It's high and therefore snow sure, the runs are long and there's a fairly good mix of easy, intermediate and more difficult runs (none of which I saw looked as though I felt I may have trouble getting down - I consider myself to be a lower level intermediate). But this is all info I'd imagine you have gleaned from your research already and hence your choosing Ischgl.

From what I saw of the village itself, it was a pleasant "modern" Tyrolean village that appeared to have quite a kicking apres ski atmosphere albeit dominated by Austrians and Germans (not that this is necessarily a bad thing - but it's a resort yet to be discovered by the Brits in numbers for example. In fact that could be viewed as a bonus!)

I will revisit Ischgl without reservation and I wouldn't hesitate to take a 7 or 14 day holiday there if the opportunity presented itself.

Have fun. Let us know how you got on.

PS try the Schwarzwand Restaurant which does traditional food on the ground floor and has a pizzeria on the first floor - great pizzas and what a munch after a mornings' skiing!

PPS am I close to the edit record yet?

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