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The Mahres are back

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Phil and Steve Mahre will be back skiing for K2 this year.

Just curious, does it matter to you what ski the celebs pick, even those who have Olympic medals and still ski the socks off most everybody?
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Remember the pink kvc comps???? They were designed especially for the Mahres. Phil and Steve could beat anyone anywhere anytime skiing these boards. When you watch their training videos the skis behaved for them just like todays shaped skis. However, unless you were Phil Or Steve with their 32" diameter thighs, they were like 2x4's to the rest of the world. I never owned a more Un-skiable ski! They are so talented they could run gates with cadillac bumpers and still beat us!
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I'll never ski a K-2.

Made in China?

Dan Quale as a V.P.!

I don't ski on a U.S. brand now, nor, do I have an American made "vehickle" ........ but, I draw the line on China wherever I can.
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Not anymore. But when I first started, you could not get me away from the Volkl/Technica/Kombi thing. Carver Girl wannabe! [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]graemlins/angel.gif[/img]
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Phil and Steve belong skiing on K2's. K2 owns much to them witht he success that they had over the years. It was stupid for dropping them, just as it was when Elan dropped Stenmark. As far as the KVC being built for them? No. Phil skied a VO variation that had KVC graphics.

I still have the Phil Mahre/Glen Plake poster "Extrememly Different"
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Not all of our skis are being made in China. Right now all of our top end stock is still being produced in good ole Vashon, Wa.
Only our rental product and low end sticks are being produced in China, at our Shakespeare fishing rod plant. I know- that fact will allow lots of jokes..


And who knows- maybe with the new skis, Phil and Steve will enact a come back, ala Michael Jordan.... :


But it is good to see some bridges being mended. It was a combination of factors which led to the twins leaving K2, on boths sides of the table. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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You may want to confirm where the K2s are being made vail. In the great white north all K2s are made in china,we don't get the race ski here though. I believe it is a violation of international trade laws to not have country of origin visibly marked on a product, but try and find made in china anywhere on a K2. A huge departure from the red/white and blue days with Made in the USA as a major part of the graphic. If the Mahres are skiing K2, who is pushing Volant(McConkey excluded).
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Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems like K2's big ad campaign is sort of a retro "born in the U.S.A." deal. I can't help but think maybe they brought back Phil and Steve just because it fits into this image for them and would probably hang them out to dry if they decide to change their marketing.
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