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Ober Gatlinburg?

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I have to go to dah inlaws for Christmas. Ober Gatlinburg is only about 45 minutes away and even a rope tow would beat sitting around the house for 5 days. Anybody ski there?
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Based on your post, I'd say go for it. You've already set expectations at an appropriate level!

I always skip Gatlinburg and go further north to Beech or Sugar in northwestern NC (my parents live there). All are small mountains relative to Rockies, to say the least. However, I still ski there 1-2 times a year.

If you're staying north of Gatlinburg, consider driving up to NC. If south, Gatlinburg would be fine.

Check skibeech.com or skisugar.com for conditions.
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Personally I like to avoid the crowds at Sugar and Beech and goto Hawksnest right outside Boone also. A bit smaller but you ski right up to the lift. Mostly local college crowd with late night skiing on weekends.
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I am driving from Tellico Village to the south west of Gatlinburg. Boone is quite a haul.
I don't need anything but snow to entertain myself. Gatlinburg has three times the vert that our home hill has.

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Expect huge crowds over Christmas. But it should be worth it if they get all their terrain open.
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That's my home hill!!!!!! Oh my gosh. If you're staying in Tellico village, boone will be quite a haul. As far as the mountian, go to www.obergatlinburg.com to check out the conditions. What you're probably going to see open is: Mogul Ridge, Ober Chute, Bear Run, Cub Way, Castle Run, and Ski School. Grizzly hasn't been open in 6 years because they don't have lights or snow blowers on it. I'm not sure about Alpine Way. I've only been skiing there for 2 years, so the bit about Grizzly and Alpine is secondhand. If you really hate the idea of the mountian, I would suggest checking out Catiloochee Area. It's a little bigger, but it would be really cool if you'd stop by and see us. PM me your arival dates and maybe we can organize a ski day.
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I live in Knoxville, TN and Ober is not that great (it is about 50 minute drive for me). Right now only Castle Run, Cub Way, & ski school area is open. Ski school is not a trail. It is just a flat open area to teach people to ski. Cub Way is a green. Castle Run is just one little drop off and that is it. It is VERY short. I wouldn't drive up if it were free and I had the mountain (hill) to myself. If it is open to the top (Ober Chute) or if even Mogul Ridge is open, then it is not THAT bad and better than sitting at home. I can easily make it to Boone from Knoxville in just under 3 hours. Tellico Village is only about 20-30 minutes further. I think the best in Boone is Sugar. I went to Beech for the first time last year and it was not that great.
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