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Whistler/Blackcomb conditions?

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I've got a buddy heading up there next week and was wondering how the snow is? Any big dumps lately? Any in the forecast?

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With luck, the system coming in this week will bring some much needed snow. The scary thing is that freezing levels are forecast to be high; 1500 to 1800m. This would mean rain on all but the top 1/3 to 1/4 of the hill. For the last couple weeks it has been too warm for the snow guns to operate, and the base is decreasing. Current reported mid-mountain depth is 132cm, but I think there is some optimism there.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the early season (now moving into the not-so-early season) hasn't been much fun.
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Looks like Whistler has gotten 12+ inches the past day or two, and expecting another 10+ inches tonight.

I'm going a week from Sat., so conditions should be nice.

Anyone in the area, please give an unofficial update...
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give www.snow-forecast.com a try or www.weatherplanner.com. Been watching it for my Feb 3 Whistler trip

Powder to the People...

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FYI, whilst in Whistler a good snow infoline to call is 604 938 7690. Updated at around 6am and 2pm, found it very useful.

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Whistler has received almost 2 ft. in the last few days.
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