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(eastern) bum with no moneys.

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what's the best method for a bunch of penny-less university students to save money on lodging when we make our trips (by car) to quebec and new york skiing?

some places i still want to go are holiday valley, whiteface, and tremblant.

p.s. what's it feel like to sleep in a car overnight in -10C temps?
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depends on your sleeping bag

Free your heels, poke your eyes out!
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Bring your student IDs with you. And hit Vermont too. Stowe has some phat trees, and Burlington is the best college town around. All kids and sweet bars. Hell, run into the right girl and you could have a place to stay ;^)
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Though I don't like Hunter.... Well maybee during the week isn't so bad..

If the Clover Lodge is still around that was a great deal.

Used to be something like $12 for the two of us. Share a bath with the folks in the ajoining room. All you can eat breakfast came with the deal...eggs & toast (no meat).
Lumpy single matress.

But who cared.... good luck..
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Well, if you make it to Holiday Valley, i'll get you a pass for nothing. The money you save will get you lunch, dinner or go a ways towards a cheap room.

If it holds snow-It can be skied!
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Lars how can you do that?
e-mail me at please

thanks, William Chan/willyC
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