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Val di'Sere

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Understand Europe is having a very bad snow year so far. I'm looking at a trip to Val di'Sere in mid March. There's still 6 weeks to go so lots of time for the conditions to improve. For anyone who knows the area, does it typically dump in Feb/March in that part of the Alps? :
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I've been to Val on first two weeks in March for the last two years and the conditions were execellent, and always improved while I was there. They can often have big dumps all the way into April and the resort only closes because of lack of people. Not snow...
I'd say stick with it the odds are definitly with you.
Anyone remember the HUGE snowfalls Austria recieved a couple of years back in Febuary after a poor january?

My glass is half full
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I've skied Val d'Isere countless times, usually late season, and conditions are usually excellent.
I'm booked to ski there from Mar 30 this year for a week.
Unless I'm mistaken, the peak demand won't hit until around Mar 22, when the Easter crowds arrive, so maybe you're better off being non-commital at the moment.
With current abysmal conditions I doubt if anyone will want to get in before you.
Why not wait for the necessary huge dump?
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I'm going to Tignes (same skiing area, Espace Killy, as Val d'Isere) next week. Even though it's been a truly dreadful year in the French Alps so far, there's plenty of on-piste skiing there thanks to good grooming and lots of artificial snow. Up until this week it was cold (I was there is December and it really was very very cold) which has kept what snow there is in good condition, but now it's warmed up a bit.

If you are only going for the off-piste, wait to see if there's more snow as there's virtually nothing there now.
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Val is usually excellent, but this year most of france is dreadful. Based on the performance so far austria is the best bet. If you want to see average snow depths over a few years try www.skiclub.co.uk. I have been to Espace Killy (usually Tignes) a number of times in late march and its usually excellent, but this year........And its very warm at the moment as well so freeze thaw is setting in. Jan 28th was the warmest jan 28th in france for 100 years..........

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