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Himalayan Heli Ski Guides

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I got this advert sent to me because I am involved with the running of a ski shop's web site, so I get sent junk mail all the time. I'm not involved in the following, but I thought I'd share it, and particularly ask is Tom @ Cham knows the guy behind it...

The first and only Heli Ski Company in the magical Kingdom of Nepal

Himalayan Heli Ski Guides open up Nepal for Heli Skiing...

Heli Skiing has just entered a new dimension. No... were not talking about the latest Heli Ski company in Canada, Alaska, Russia, Europe, South America, etc. Were talking about Heli Skiing in the worlds biggest, highest and most outrageous mountain range in the world. Were talking about Heli Skiing in Nepal’s Himalayas.

For the first time ever, the Nepalese ministry of tourism has granted Himalayan Heli Ski Guides permission to operate the first and only Heli Ski company in the Kingdom of Nepal. We'll be skiing in some of the classic areas such as the Everest region, Annapurna, Dhauligiri, Makalu, Cho Oyu, Kangchenjunga, Dolpo regions, etc. The list goes on and on...

With this comes a new type of Heli Skiing. This is a pure adventure Heli Ski company where one will get to experience the worlds most famous and beautiful mountain range in the world, Nepal's Himalaya. We will mingle with the local villagers and stay in the local villages & lodges nearest the areas we ski at. For those who wish to stay the night out in a tent, we have a base camp set up in each area we ski at fully staffed with Sherpas, food, tents sleeping bags, etc. What we have to offer here is the best skiing and adventure of a lifetime, as this is sure to be a trip you will never forget as long as you live.

Areas open...
During the month of March 2002, Himalayan Heli Ski Guides opened up Nepal to Heli Skiing. This was the first time Heli Skiing ever took place in Nepal and as one might imagine, it was incredible.

The region HHSG opened up was the Annapurna region, and the skiing was simply the best any of us have ever experienced in our lives. On the average we skied from 5,300 meters down to 3,500 meters. We also had a few 5,500 meter starts, making the ski descents up too 2,000 vertical meters. Each run had excellent snow conditions which consisted of perfect powder, wind blown, hard snow, and perfect spring snow all on one run. The average angle of the runs were from intermediate to advanced level cruising type terrain. For those who like it steeper, no worries, we have plenty available. Each and every run was a first descent, with many, many more to come. We just scratched the surface in the Annapurna region this year. Their are so many places to ski at in this area that one could spend a lifetime just trying to ski all the areas available here. Point, for a long time coming, if you wish to make a first descent in the Annapurna region, their are plenty to make for many, many years to come. If your not interested in making first descents, no problem, the area we just opened up this year is one of the most outrageous places to ski at I can think of.

For the 2002/2003 ski season, we will continue to develop the Annapurna area. Their are so many areas we can ski in the Annapurna region that it is simply mind boggling. You must come and see for yourselves, you won’t believe it.

New for 2002/2003
Each year, Himalayan Heli Ski Guides will open up an new region in Nepal and for the 2002/2003 season we plan to open up the Everest region. Snow conditions will play a role in our final decision here. If we get an early winter with good snow depth, we will open up the Everest region. If the winter comes late and it doesn't provide a good snow depth, we will open up the Dolpo region.

Both areas will offer some of the most spectacular skiing on earth with the Everest region obviously coming in strong on the view department, via it’s spectacular and classic views of Everest, Lhotse, Nuptse, Ama Dablam, etc.

In both areas we will be skiing around the same altitudes we skied at in the Annapurna region, which averaged from 5,300 meters down to 3,500 to 3,000 meters. Occasionally, we will be able to go higher and ski lower, but those will be under special conditions and circumstances.

I believe most of you know about the Everest region, but maybe not so much about the Dolpo region. The Dolpo region is a very special area that had been closed to trekking and western tourists, until recent years. It is in the Northwest of Nepal and consists of an wide open gentle rolling mountainous area that borders Tibet. Due to this fact it has a lot of Tibetan influence, religion and culture in all the villages through out the Dolpo region.

The Dolpo area will perhaps be one of our star areas for skiing. This is due to the snows it gets and the kind of terrain it offers. To begin with, Northwestern Nepal tends to get more snow then any other region in Nepal. They typically get early snows which often last up to the end of May making it a prime area for an early and late ski season. In many cases we will be able to begin at 5,500 meters and ski down to 2,500 meters. The terrain is perfect for skiing with wide open smooth rounded treeless mountains to rip down, or if your into it, just good old plain cruiser runs, with endless miles of it.

The Everest region will offer as we know the spectacular views of Everest, Nuptse, Lhotse, Ama Dablam, etc. The skiing here will be similar to that of the Annapurna region, where we will have 2,000 meter vertical runs with a wealth of varying terrain and yes, we will be skiing at times along side Everest itself.

In most cases, we will be staying in lodges at the local villages nearest the areas we will be skiing at. Knowing the areas well, we have chosen the most comfortable lodges available and will be bringing in our own food and cook staff for all meals.

We look forward to making some turns with you in Nepal this winter...

With high regards,

Craig Calonica
Director Himalayan Heli Ski Guides
Residence Brevent, Bat. "A"
37 Chemin des Bios
74400 Chamonix, France
Tel: +33 (0)4 50 55 52 07
Mobile: +33 (0)6 23 08 08 26

e-mail: himalheli@easyconnect.fr
website: http://asian-trekking.com/expedition...ski_guides.htm

Websites to visit from past expeditions:
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Fox, There is a heli Skiing operation working out The Himalaya Mountains of India.They have been around for a few years now. They go by the Name of Curry Powder Guilds. I got some info from them about 3 years ago. Passed the Info on to my Sister who was living in South East Asia at the time.
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