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Frebruary Trip (BC / Alberta) Advice Needed..

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Hey all,

A few of my buds and I are planning a February break ski trip. Were thinking five days skiing/riding in either Alberta or BC. We're not too keen on the big name resorts like Lake Louise, Sunshine or Whistler. However, we're totally open to suggestions.

Last year I took a trip and skied Kicking horse, Sunshine, and Fernie, and had a blast, but I think I may want to do something different. I read the most recent "Skier Magazine" and Apex caught my eye. If we were going to do the interior of BC around Apex, where should we go? We're all advanced to expert skiers/riders and we're looking for challenge, and powder.

Where to fly into? What mountains to hit? Where to stay? Those are the questions we're trying to resolve right now.. Any help would be much appreciated!

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I live in SW BC. Any of the Okanagan resorts, ie: Apex, Sun Peaks, Big White or Silver Star will have what you're looking for.

Apex is the smallest, with basically one hotel and bar (though it's a good one) and one high speed lift. There are daily flights to Penticton, then a shuttle ride. A couple days there is probably enough. Some on the run-outs are long. It needs another lift, and you can see where by looking at a trail map.

Silver Star is the next largest, and is a delightful area. It was a terminal intermediate area until they opened up the back side, and now there is plenty of challenging terrain. A nice compact little ski village. Access via Kelowna airport with several flight options from Vancouver, Calgary, or Seattle. 4 days is enough.

Big White is a mid-sized area with enough variable terrain to keep you happy for five or six days. The "snow ghosts" (snow/ice covered trees) in the sub-alpine are great fun for groups to play hide & seek. It's got reasonable accomodations and good night life. Access from Kelowna airport, like Silver Star. There is helicopter service between the two resorts.

Sun Peaks is about the size of Big White, and is accessed by Kamloops airport from Vancouver. Another thoroughly enjoyable mountain.

I have my choice of any of these, but frankly, nothing compares to Whistler. Most BC residents go to the interior simply because they can't afford Whistler. Another great stop worth a day or two is Mt. Baker in Washington state, just across the border, but there is no on-site accomodation and you'll need to rent a car (preferably 4WD). Other than Whistler, you won't find crowds, though there is plenty of room at Whistler for everybody.

Snow cover and quality is at its finest in February. You really can't go too far wrong no matter where you choose. Have a great trip!
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Can we fly into one of these places, and access the rest with a rental car? That's the kind of plan we were thinking of. Maybe three or four hills with one or two days at each.. Probably starting at one and driving in a loop or something to get to each of the others? Is anything like that possible with the mountains you mentioned? Thanks so much for your reply.

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If you don't mind the drive, another area I would recommend is Castle Mountain in southwestern Alberta.

Castle Mountain Resort

This mountain has some great terrain (read: steep and 2700' of continuous vert) and because of the limited number of lifts, new snow lasts very well here. When I did my grand tour of Alberta a couple of years ago, this was my second favourite area other than Sunshine Village. Tickets are cheap, and the people in the lodge and locals are very friendly and will show you around if you ask.

Athough lodging in the immediate area is limited, I HIGHLY recommend you check it out.

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Sure Powderhoundin', fly to Kelowna and pick up a car. Apex, Big White, Sun Peaks and Silver Star are 1 to 2 hours from the airport. You'll have a great time!
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Don't forget about Red Mountain and Whitewater.
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