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Do brand new skis need to be waxed?

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I just bought new skis (still in plastic wrap off of E-Bay. Do they need to be waxed or tuned up in any way?
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Welcome aboard Rickw
I's sure several people will have opinions. Mine are check them to make sure they are flat (straight or true bar) the edges are sharp and there is some structure on the bases. (fix as needed which sometimes requres a full tune) and then hot wax/scrap and hotwax again. The way I understand the process, they put on cheap wax just to protect the bases in transit. Also the factory tune is often done while the skis have not yet cured so there may be some shrinkage or expansion after the building process so check them out. I have had 1 pair come in great shape, the rest needed some sort of work before skiing on. One even needed a stone grind.
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Yes, wax them. Check the bases for flat. If good then maybe that is all you need to prepare for skiing. Though if you like to have a steeper side edge angle, now is the time to set (do) it.
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yup.. I wax every new pair of ours that I get.
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Yes! Wax! Try my page go to- www.lacyslatherworks.com and click on <links>. You will see <Bob's Ski page>. click on that. Then open the file <How to wax and tune your skis>. Follow directions. I outlined it step by step and also tell you the tools needed, and the tools nice to have but not essential.

In the tune section I mention about detuning, but many say to bevel the tips and tails an extra 1/2 degree just where the edges start to rise off the snow instead of dulling them there. This is for shaped skis.

It is not necessarily how long you wax but how often. This article I wrote is basic waxing. Ther is so much more to it, but read it, print it out, have fun. Pay close attention to temp settings of your iron. My e-mail address is there if you have any questions. Also, anyone here would be happy to help. You're part of the family now!

Here's a list of skis with their edge settings: Well, hell's-bells, I can't find it now. I did write to K2 a while back. They said their skis are 1 degree and 1 degree, base and edge.

If you ski once a wekend wax once a week, more if you ski more often- just a general rule. You can never wax too much!

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Hi Rick--one more vote with the rest. Yes--they should be waxed. If you aren't sure how to tell the condition of a ski, take them to a shop. Ask the mechanic to check the flatness of the bases and tell you whether they are concave, convex, or "railed" (edges protrude beyond the plastic). You can check this yourself with a good straight edge, too--lay the straight edge across the base and shine a bright light behind it. If there are areas where a lot of light shows through beneath the straight edge, the skis need work.

Although manufacturers have gotten much better, many skis desparately need a tune when they are new. As they cool in their molds, they rarely remain flat. High-end skis are often flat-ground by the manufacturer, but many are not, and all should be checked.

Most skis also benefit from a small amount of "bevel" on both the bottom and sides of the edges. Ask the mechanic to check the bevel against the manufacturer's recommendations. If he/she doesn't know what you're talking about, grab your gear, run for the exit, and find a shop that does!

As DChan said, your skis probably came with a sort of wax that acts more like glue on the snow. They should be cleaned and waxed with good universal wax, or wax for the specific conditions of the day if you're a perfectionist.

Of course, you will need to have a shop mount bindings on them, unless they're already mounted. Either way, they will need to be adjusted for your boots (don't forget to bring your boots!) and tested to make sure they work according to specifications.

Then take them out and ski on them! With these perfectly-tuned new skis, if you aren't the best skier on the mountain it's not the equipment's fault. Sign up for a lesson with a good instructor and get your season off to the best possible start!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Found it. Ski vendor's bevels from the factory

BRAND BASE BEVEL in degreesSIDE BEVEL in degrees

K2.51 (K2 told me 1&1)

From here you can change these as you see fit.
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