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Heading to Alta and Da Bird on Friday worried about conditions

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Hi everyone,

I'm heading up to Snowbird and Alta this weekend and am worried about the conditions. Looks like they haven't had any new snow in over a week and temps are in the 50's. I'm not ready for the Baldy chutes but want to explore. Any recomendations on where to play when there's no fresh powder? It will be my first time to Snowbird but third to Alta. My biggest concern is that everything is going to be bumped up and many runs that I would have a ball on when the snow is soft will be too steep and bumpy. Am I just freaking out? :

I'm just fretting over not getting to experience one of the epic powder days that LCC is known for. I know it's April but the always get buckets of snow in April. Let's just hope that the storm on Saturday brings us a nice suprise.

Thanks for any suggestions you might have.

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Welcome to epicski SeanyMac
Snowbird should be great. follow the sun and check the grooming report. They usually do a good job.
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april 19 93; epic powder day at Alta.. but the weathers fine even if we don't get a storm and the groomers are wide, uncrowded and fast. Bring sunscreen and lighter spring clothes..
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The NWS says:

Northern Utah Mountain Weather Forecast
Wednesday, April 3, 2002

0500 MDT


A dry, northwesterly flow will remain over the Great Basin into Thursday. With yesterday’s cooler air lingering in northern Utah, temperatures today should be similar to Tuesday’s.

Partly cloudy and warmer on Thursday and Friday, with winds shifting to the southwest.

Extended Forecast:

Still looking at a threat of precipitation Friday night/early Saturday as a weakening cold front reaches the Wasatch Front. While snow amounts may be very light, day time highs will cool dramatically into the 30’s and 40’s at 8,000’ for the weekend. Then warm and dry Sunday through Tuesday as another ridge sets up over northern Utah.

Keep your fingers crossed!
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Ok, here's the deal, you picked a decent weekend. The good news, is we're getting a LITTLE storm late Friday night into Saturday morning, and snow levels will be at 7500 feet, so you'll get some fresh, but it won't be much...more clouds than anything, and maybe, maybe, 6" up at 11000 feet.

That said, it's been really nice up here lately, and as far as spring skiing, the bases are deep, and the coverage is great.

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I skied Snowbird yesterday and Alta on Monday. The conditions were excellent Spring skiing, due to higher elevations, than The Canyons were on Sunday. The Canyons were total slop after lunch. I understand much of the terrain there will be closed after last weekend and this coming weekend. Same with Deer Valley. The conditions were good at Snowbasin on Saturday. It only got sloppy at the lower portions of the mountain. The snow was very good on top of De Moisey Peak and its North facing chutes along with Allen's Peak. Both of those areas were above 9,000 feet. Don't worry about the temps and conditions in the Cottonwoods much of the terrain faces North and is above 8,000 feet. The grooming was excellent at both resorts and held up through the day. Try and follow the sun. At Alta, I skied the Sugarloaf area in the morning, wide open cruisers all around the lift, then moved to Point Supreme. Great stuff on Challenger, No. 9, and Vickey's. Sidewinder looked to have very good bumps but I could not find anyone to go over there with me. After lunch, it was on to Wildcat Area and West Rustler. Most of Alta's named runs on the trail map were groomed and had easy carving snow throughout the day. The bumped runs were either nicely skier packed to very soft and heavy in less traveled areas. The only exposed areas I hit were on High Traverse and the entrance to High Rustler. Once in Rustler, the snow was very good top to bottom.
Snowbird's Hidden Peak was cold and windy yesterday. I don't know if it made it above freezing all day. The snow up there was still Winter conditions. There were some exposed areas in some of the chutes' entrances. I skied Mineral Basin in the morning since it gets the early Sun. I moved over to Gadzoom and Gad 2 areas after lunch. Nice bumps on Carbonate boarder cut-up troughs on Gadzooks. Regulator Johnson was groomed and had the best snow I found. Good stuff on Primrose Path, Silver Fox, and Harper's Ferry.
If you get off the beaten path in both areas you'll find heavy cut-up slough or heavy bumps (crusted out of Sun, soft in). You'll have to be very patient to make and complete your tuns if you venture into those areas. Overall, I'd say the best snow was at Alta. I'll attribute that to the absence of Snowboarders.
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Don't worry, spring skiing out here is good too! If we don't get a storm, you should get good conditions anyway. If it stays warm, follow the sun, try to stick with the soft stuff. And as with any mountain in the spring time, go in after the sun goes behing the peaks, things start to get icy.

Look at the Sugarloaf lift if your an intermediate skier, there are some great lines there, and can challenge and expert the same. Supreme if your an expert, but watch the sun, you will want it on you as much as possible. Wildcat has a mix of everything.

Also, the weekend or two before closing last season, we had a 60" storm of dry pow!

If you are looking for some places to go, I'll be up there, and will be happy to point you in any direction. Orange-red Lowe Alpine jacket, black pants, silver Giro 9 helmet.

Have a great trip!
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Thanks for the pointers everyone. Let's just hope by some miracle that the little disturbance turns into a big honk'n storm that just sits over the canyon for a couple of days.

If not then we'll get sun tans and work on our bump skiing. [img]smile.gif[/img]

We'll be skiing Snowbird most likely on Sat, Mon and Tue and Alta on Sun and Wed. If the snow really comes down hard then we'll head to Alta on Sat cause I like it there better.

If anyone else is up there like AltaSkier I'd love to be shown around by some locals.

We're staying at The Inn at Snowbird. Last name's Gallagher.

See y'all out there.

Pray for Snow!
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I'm not a local, but I will be up there this weekend through Monday, so I will look for you guys.

Red Helly Hanson jacket, black pants, grey Beori helmet and Orange Smith GS poles.

Also, what are the conditions looking like at Park City? We will have a car and are thinking of heading there 1 day.
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I'd stick to the Cottonwoods areas. I skied The Canyons last Sunday and the lower two thirds of the mountains were total slop in the afternoon. Good stuff on top of 9990 and some other higher areas but after lunch, it became allot of work plowing through the crud. I think this is Deer Valley's last weekend so that should give you an idea of the snow conditions in that area. Take a look at PC's interactive web camera. The small ridge at the bottom near the Payday lift (6,900 ft) was snow covered last weekend. It is now bare. The best conditions are at Alta. Others may be able to comment on Brighton's and Solitude's conditions.
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