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Sun Peaks in January

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I have an opportunity to go to Sun Peaks in January and wondered what to expect temp wise that time of year? In other words, will it be bitter cold?

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Hi Grupp; January's a great time to go. The BC southern interior is quite dry (with lighter snow) and doesn't normally get the very cold snaps you find in the Rockies and East. It's a friendly, compact village, and rarely a lift line. In January you'll likely feel like you have a lot of the hill to yourself! There is not a lot of challenging terrain, but if you are an intermediate, you'll have the time of your life. Enjoy!
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I went in January for 4 days: 2 VERY SUNNY, 1 Light Snow, very nice, and 1 Cloudy, but very skiable. Temperatures mild, people great, runs long and wide, but not too steep. Enjoy!
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