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How does Utah Look these days? - Page 2

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There was some incredible snow at Brighton on Sunday too. Can't wait until this weekend!

Reverend Poppy
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Regal chute - where is it?
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It's not on the trail map but standing at the bottom of Alf's High Rustler looking up, its the next chute to the left. Then next to that is Hour Glass Chute. Also pretty narrow same pitch. goes from about 12' wide to a narrow waist of about 7' and then opens up again.
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Hey when is Alta gonna open up to boarders? It bums me that I can't take my sons there (they board).
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Sorry, My understanding is never. If the ecologist people have there way they would close Alta. Besides the powder your sons may not like Alta anyway. slow lifts, lots of long traverses to get to the good steeps and all the locals glaring at them for ruining the long runs of fresh powder too quickly.
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dchan--Good point about the traverses; I'm not to fond of the rope tow between the two base areas myself. Even with that, I know my 17 yr old would love the terrain and snow at Alta.

As for "never," hey even the Berlin wall came down. Just a matter of time.

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Utah right now is looking sunny and very warm. Was 70 yesterday afternoon at the SLC airport; low 40s at Snowbird base. More appropriate for early April than early March.
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I just thought I would chime in here on The Snowboard and Alta question.FYI Alta did at one time allow snowboarding.I think it was about 10 years ago.There were so many problems and so many complaints that they decided to ban snowboards.JW I understand your desire to ski with your Snowboarding son.IMHO Alta will sooner or later open up to Snowboarding.But I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for that to happen.

The Best skier in the world is the One with the biggest smile. Utah49
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I skied Regal Chute at Alta last Friday (3/2). I had no clue what the run was called until reading Dchan's earlier post. Steep and narrow at the top, nice trees below that. Catherine's Area was also fun.
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Utah, were the complaints about too much neon?
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