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Commute Times in Colorado

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To any Bears living in Colorado (or anyone who happens to know),

My wife and I are thinking about relocating to either Colorado Springs or Denver, from the PNW. Could anyone tell me how long it takes to drive to/from skiing from both locations, and what ski areas those times are relative to?

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I can help you out with the Denver part of your question.

First of all, let me say everything depends on traffic and road conditions. If you leave Denver early (avoiding traffic), ad the roads are good, average times are as follows:

Loveland - 1 hour
Eldora - 1 hour
Berthoud Pass - 1 hour
Keystone and A-Basin - 1 hour 15 min
Breckenridge or Winter Park - 1 hour 20
Copper - 1 hour 20
Vail - 1 hour 45
Beaver Creek - 2 hours
Steamboat - 2-3 hours
Crested Butte - 3-4 hours
Aspen/Snowmass - 4 hours
Telluride - 5-7 hours

These are conservative averages. You can do better (sometimes much better), depending on where in Denver you start and how fast you drive.

Again, that is without traffic. Congestion is becoming a serious problem. The difference between leaving at 6am on a saturday and 7am on a saturday is huge! (Weekdays are not nearly as bad).

I hope this helps!
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I agree the traffic is a huge problem. Do yourself a favor and leave early in the morning and stay late or leave before 2pm. I went to A-Basin Sunday, left Denver around 10am got there around 11:15, left A-Basin around 3:30 got home at 6. So you can see traffic can make a huge difference. Once a year I'll hit the traffic then I avoid it like the plague, but you can avoid it if you play it right and it makes a world of difference.

Well I wonder where that skier's bound. Is there some run, somewhere, someway out there that I've not found?
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Yes the traffic can be horrendous. The local Summit County Paper estimated Saturdays drive from Denver to be 3 hours. Many people on the mtn confirmed this. The above advice is right on, go early-stay late. We usually go up Friday and stay till Mon morn. We typically make the Keystone exit in 90 min. Home early (6:00am) on Mon is about the same time.

I would be interested in knowing why Co Spgs VS Denver. They are very different cities. Co Spgs is extremely conservative. Denver is much more diverse. Know that I am biased, we love Denver. We live in the city, lots to do in and around town. Moved here in ‘ 91
and have been thankful ever since. Cannot imagine what would get us out of Colorado! If you want more “town info” let me know.
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My wife's job is what would take us to Colorado Springs instead of Denver. She might get transferred to there.
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Re. Winter Park:

Is Winter Park a solution to the heavy traffic? I've heard that there is a train that goes from Denver to the lifts at Winter Park. If this is true, does anyone have any details - how expensive, how long of a ride, availability of seats/tickets, etc.?
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There is a train that goes from Union Station in Denver to Winter Park, I've never been on it but I think the ticket isn't cheap, like around 40 dollars or so?

Found this URL http://www.skitrain.com/Winter.htm <FONT size="1">

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Last Saturday I left Littleton at just past 7am and it took two hours to get to Copper Mountain. Littleton is closer than both Denver and Co Springs. Breck and Keystone are about the same distance away as Copper. Each year I70 has gotten worse and if you are not on the interstate at the West side of Golden BEFORE 7am your in for a 2 hour drive, even when the roads are clear. The drive coupled with our crappy, inflated 30-inch base depths has made it very difficult to wake up early on the weekend. Hopefully, if you do move out here its for a good job, because despite COs reputation every state in the West/PNW has better skiing.

You can check the snow reports here:
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Alan - The Winter Park ski train is a fun option, we take it at least once a year. The reason to choose the ski train isn't to save time. It actually takes longer to take the train than to drive. You need to be at the train between 6:30 and 7:00 am and won't get to winter park until about 9:15. It leaves at 4:00pm and arrives about 6:30. By the time you add in driving and parking downtown you can see that it is faster just to drive up yourself.

The reason to take the train is for the experience of the train itself, and the fun you can have on it on the way up and back. The people that take the ski train all seem to be very nice and share a love of the mountains and skiing. Plus it is really nice to be able to sit back and take a little nap if you like on the way back from a long day of skiing.
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Alan another option from Co Spgs is to take Hwy 24 to Hwy 9 over Hoosier Pass to Breckenridge. Not sure how long it takes. But a really scenic drive. They keep the roads pretty clear, at least on Hwy 9 as it has lots of local traffic. You should not run into any traffic jams, just have to ski Breck. <FONT size="1">

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Commute times to the steepest mountains and/or best snow from C.Springs or Denver? 5 to 6 hours (Crested Butte, Telluride, Wolf Creek).

"Colorado? Denver and C.Springs are not in Colorado! But you can see it from there." - Unknown mountain man. <g>
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I live in Boulder and it takes me about 1:45 to get to vail, the furthest mountain. This is with little trafic and driving about 85. The funny thing is, it took me 4 hours to get home due to traffic. So, it all depends.

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Vail is the "furthest?"

Perhaps the farthest resort along I-70, but last I checked Aspen, Wolf Creek, Durango, Telluride, Crested Butte, Monarch, Sunlight and Steamboat were all farther from Boulder.

From Co Springs it's about a 3 hour trip to Vail and a little shorter to Copper and Breck. But the advantage of being in the Springs is proximity to Monarch, Wolf Creek, Taos etc.
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save time move to Utah
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