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Volkl Energy Plate + Marker Piston 1200

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I have a set of Volkl P50's with the energyrail plate. I just purchased a pair of used Marker Piston 1200 Bindings. I am wondering if this combined lift height is too tall for the ski. Does anyone have any experience with this? I think it is possible to take the piston plate off of these bindings, but I would prefer not to.

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I would not use that setup... it totally defeats the purpose of the piston. That kind of setup would be like mounting a piston plate ont op of a motion ski, or a poweraxe plate ont op of a pilot ski... Save the piston binding for another pair of skis and go out and buy a regular marker eps spacer binding. If you would like more lift, get risers for the toe and heel to put on top of the plate. Also with the piston on top of that plate you will have way too heavy of a ski. You may not notice it while youre skiing on them, but carrying them you will notice and on the lift you will notice (assuming you don't do your skis the displeasure of resting them on that god-forsaken metal bar...). REgardless - dont use the piston - its a waste of a good plated binding to put it on top of another plate - one designed to do that same thing... not to mention the effects of the piston would never reach the ski, because that energy rail plate is not designed to flex. It is rather designed to let the ski flex, and keep the top of the plate flat. So essentially the piston would sit on top of it and do nothing accept make your setup weigh 45 pounds. Get a spacer, you will be much happier. Too many gadgets on your skis is not always a good thing...
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Citing parliamentary procedure, I second Greg comments.

As one who always seems to have something to sell; I have new Comp 1400 EPS bindings for sale. Send me a PM if you're interested.

Enjoy your P50's

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I also agree with those two. One thing I would not do, however, is pull the energy rail off and mount the binding directly to the ski..... that would leave 14 holes in the ski that you would have to plug. So, you need new bindings.

But..... if you already have the bindings, it really won't hurt anything to mount that binding on top of the energy rail. It's true, the piston won't do anything, and you will be stacked up pretty high, but it won't cause any problems.

As far as weight goes, the entire energy rail assembly is plastic and weighs almost nothing, so it would be just barely heavier than a pair of skis with piston bindings.
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