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Skiing in Verbier?

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Any beta on Verbier would be helpful. Thinking of visiting my cousin in March - never skiied in Europe at all. I'm an expert skier who likes powder and off-piste. If possible wouldn't mind bringing my AT gear for a little (guided) out of bounds action. Anyway, just curious if there's good stuff there or any websites you recommend. As you can tell, I am completely clueless about this place....
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Verbier is one of the best. It's more of a skiers ski area than most places in Europe. The town has a young crowd and hop'n vibe. Unfortunately everyone has clued in on it in the past decade and it's getting CROWDED!

A partner is key, and if you don't have one then hire a guide, because Verbier is all about getting outside of the defined boundries. This isn't "off-piste" as much as "Off-The-Map". You can do a different OTM run of 6000'+ everyday and rarely see a handful of people. Even though most these runs require very little hiking, they usually take two or three hours for descent because of route finding and traverses.

My advice is: get up to the Gondolas EARLY to avoid the huge uploading lines every morning - sleep it off in the gondola. Hit Mont Gele once. Hit the backside of Mt Fort once (maybe twice). Hit Secret Valley at least once. Do the backside of Le Geppon once. One day across the valley from Verbier via La Chable. One day stay on piste and do the tour to Savroylette/Thyon 2000. And one day in the great larch trees from Plan au fou down to Nedaz - though that old double chair takes forever.

If you want to eat anyplace other than your hotel, make a reservation. And be prepared for an abundance of smoke in the bars!
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Hi Steep_Skier,

Verbier just opened up on Friday the 15th, with excellent opening day conditions down to about 1800 meters. They opened the top on Sunday. Powder every run, all day.

Check out photos from opening day on


This is Hans Solmssen's (UAIGM Mountain Guide) web site. You can get all kinds of info about fun things to do from the site. He is also one of the best guides around these parts. Keep that in mind for when you come to visit.

Also check out my story on skiing in Verbier at


Click "Feature Stories"

Look me up when you get into town.

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Hi Bob, welcome to EpicSki. Its nice to see the recognizable names join in.
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Thank you for the welcome, Pierre.
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Any suggestions for rooms to rent for a weekend? As a local I doubt it as I know I didn't when living in Jackson Hole, but thought it worth a go.

I have some flights to Geneva for a weekend in February and would like to give it another go. Last year mid-march was pretty poor unfortunately...
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Dec. 12, 2002. 4pm

On our way for last run. It was soft.

Heed, email me when we get closer to Feb.


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Hi Bob,

great picture !

is there any way i can contact a good guide for some great off piste skiing in verbier ?
will be in verbier the week after new year´s (from 4th on).

I definitly must have a go at the good stuff ! [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Sorry about the picture being so big. I'll get it dialed in.

Stefan, here you go. Three of the best guides around. Take your pick and tell 'em Bob sent you...

John Falkiner

Stephen Hadik

Hans Solmssen

Great skiing up above 1800 meters or so. Powder every day.


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Bob, thanks for the info !
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