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Utah March 7-16

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For you utahhiuns, or wahtever you call yourselves, Anyone may be free to meet up on these dates to show me and a few friends some fun play grounds? Plan on sking by myself prob 3/7-11 then going to jackson for a few days when my friends fly in, then back over to SLC to finish out the week. Let me know.
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If your plans Include a trip to the backside of the Wasatch Mountains.I would be Happy to show you around Park City Deer Valley or The Canyons.And That goes for anyother Bears that are planning a trip to this littel corner of the ski world.

The Best skier in the world is the One with the biggest smile. Utah49
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DMR, ya got a PC guide, a snowbird guide,
& I know a weekend warrior with an alta pass who might be willing to show you around there.
I know some good lines in Big Cottonwood too.
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Thanks guys! Sounds like a plan. Now I just need to nail down my flight and exact plans so i can arrange for my hotel. Also trying to secure my pair of 10ex's or XXX's. Should be an incredible trip. I look forward to meeting some of the bears. Thanks again. -DMR
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