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Travel help needed

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How do I get from New York to Nova Scotia? My car is parked at a buddies place in New Glasgow...flying from britain I end up in NY, but have to go to PA to get the documents for the car anyway....the problem is how, without steeling a car can I get there?...

Fly - $450 is about as cheap as I can find.

Bus - only one a week actually links all the way through, and Idont fancy 24 hours and 9 changes again!.

Bus + Ferry - They don't meet up, with a disparity of 10 hours necessitating a hotel stay.

Train - Neither Via rail (canada) or Amtrak (USA) have a website that works well enough to find schedules let alone fares!

Car Hire - Can't pick up in one country and drop in another.

Hitch hiking - Don't mind north of the boarder, but had some scary times last time I tried in New England.

Don't mean to be a travel idiot but this one has me stuck
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A very quick check at orbitz.com gave me a price of $230 US roundtrip from Newark to Halifax on Air Canada. Hardly a great deal, considering that you can fly from New York to Los Angeles for far less, but better than the price you quoted.

BTW, you don't want to take a train from New York to Nova Scotia. It would be an extremely long trip, and it probably wouldn't be any less expensive.
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Where do you HAVE to go in Pa. Can't documents be Fedexed?
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Originally posted by Rusty Guy:
Where do you HAVE to go in Pa. Can't documents be Fedexed?
Honesdale....The car is registerd in PA , Insurance and Registration have to be updated before I retrive it...being British I have to get my insurance in Person...can't get it sorted by phone, fax or email!....registration is always a pain in the but also, but then I never have understood the need for 48 different systems in one country!
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Tom- Honesdale is not near much of anything. My kids went to summer camp near there, and you are probably as close to there in NYC as you are from anywhere else of note except Scranton (is that a place of note??.. but they probably do have an airport of some sort). My guess would be the best bet is to rent a car fron JFK, drive to Honesdale (I would guess about 2 1/2 hours), and fly to Nova Scotia from NY or Newark (you should be able to return a rental at either airport for no drop fee)
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Thanks for ther help Bears, I going to get a one way rental from NY to Halifax....drive the whole thing, works out the cheapest and most flexible....about 1400 miles total, drove 1000 in one day last week to get home from the alps anyway.
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You're moving to North America?
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Originally posted by jamesdeluxe:
You're moving to North America?
only for the summer, I work with kids with ADD and ADHD on a summer camp in PA...I then get asked to leave the country when my visa runs out and sluk of back to Europe and probably Chamonix for the winter
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