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Blue Hills MA

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Has anyone been there? I race there but still 300 feet vertical drop and steep = SPEED!
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Sure! I've been there! Last time was in 1966! My high school ski club used to do weekday afternoon bus trips to 'Big Blue'!
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That's where Mark learned to ski, back in the days when there was enough snow. I think, but I'm not sure, that Jonathan S. takes his race team there.
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Under the new management from Ragged Mtn, snowmaking has improved considerably. (Before they took over, I was almost ready to give up on the place -- the coverage was pathetic.)

The 320' vertical is much better than 240' Nashoba or Bradford (80' might not seem like much, but that's a full 1/3 bigger!), and the pitch is pretty decent (maybe lower expert, or upper intermediate) for about 10 slalom turns, although otherwise it's quite flat. If the MDC grants a longer-term lease, I think the infrastructure could be considerably improved and the Big Blue could finally start snatching metro skiers away from Nashoba, Bradford, and maybe even Wa-Wa-Wachusett.
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It sure would be nice to see something interesting *be ready* for snow in the area, for
nothing else...but to divide the bombardment of
the southern NewEngland crowd...particularly on
the weekends.
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