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We just got back from 4 days north of the border at Mont Tremblant and then another 2 days at Okemo.

Had a great time at both. Tremblant has some really good skiing and even though they stopped making snow a while back they have incredible bases built up on their main runs. We knew going in that it was Ontario's school break, but it was more crowded than the last time we we're there this week 3-years ago. If you get on the mountain early there are no lines. If you ski the last 2 hour of the day there are no lines. From mid morning to mid afternoon - lines.

We stayed at Okemo's new Jackson Gore Inn Wednesday and Thursday. They don't quite have it together yet service wise and our room was small and poorly designed. For instance, the closed door wouldn't open all the way because it hit against a hinge for the door to the room. The heated outdoor pool and 3 hot tubs made up for a lot though. And after the crowds at Tremblant it was a pleasure to ski right onto the lift every time. And the snow was great too. They got about 6" Tuesday night and then an inch or so every day we were there.

We definately lucked out on the conditions both at Tremblant and Okemo.