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Salomon Gumboots

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At a rental shop the other day I was shown a new set of Salomon boots which were a cross between an AT boot and a downhill boot. Reasonable cuff support (forgot to look for a walk mode) and a rubber sole with a teflon AFD recessed in the toe. The boot AFD and gumboot binding AFD match up so they can function like a normal downhill boot. It looks like the boots will only fit the new Salomon bindings as the binding AFD is a new shape to fit the boots.

I was just wondering if anyone else knows anything about these and things like when they will be released, how large the range will be, and do the gumboot bindings fit standard boots?
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Interesting idea, but I wonder what the teflon AFD strip will look like after clambering over a few rocks.

The other problem with fitting AT boots into downhill bindings is the rocker on the sole - this usually means that the boot is too high at the toe to safely fit into the bindings.

Did the Salomons have rockered soles or were they flat like a downhill ski boot?

Of course, this is all a moot point really - just use Fritschi bindings then it doesn't matter whether you have downhill or AT boots! Now all we have to do is to persuade the ski manufacturers not to fit all their skis with those stupid systems tying you to their bindings like pilot, motion etc.

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Amen to killing the integrated ski/binding systems.

The boot was basically a standard downhill boot, no rocker with heel dimensions normal except for the rubber under the heel. The toe looked normal from above but had a rubber sole and a teflon AFD recessed into the sole, so unless you are scrambling over sharp rocks the AFD will not touch the ground. It is not the old soft rubber boots they made for skiboards. I think it is an interesting idea as you can get downhill performance, feel and release - with a high grip sole. It should be interesting to see who buys them, I think they would appeal to patrollers and people who hike ridges as well as those people who want to dance in their ski boots. Just as long as Salomon makes them in high performance versions, but I would also like if if they could fit standard bindings as I want to stick with Look Pivot bindings.
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Just saw pictures of a similar adaption of the Rossi Soft boot - vibram sole but no Teflon AFD. The description said use them with touring bindings only.

Interesting to see this sort of development but I don't think they are quite there yet - the Rossi boot looked like it had no walk mode and with a completely flat sole I don't think I would want to walk or stand in them for long.

I do clamber over enough rocks that I would worry about the AFD strip in the Salomon boots.

I suspect that the other respect that these boots probably fall short on is weight - if they are as heavy as most downhill boots...

I think that the performance shortfall of touring boots is overestimated. I've seen too many better skiers than me in touring boots or tele boots to think that boot stiffness is what limits my skiing!

My Lowas were too soft in forward flex for me as they came but fitting a Raichle Flexon tongue to them solved that (and I suspect that the Evos are probably stiff enough from the box). Now if only they came with the fittings for Dynafit bindings - I must get round to trying some Dynafit boots this year (Scarpa Lasers were the wrong shape for my feet).

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And here was I thinking this topic was going to show me the way to a Salomon rival product to Red Band and Skellerup. No right-minded Mainland farmer would have a bar of it though.

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Is ther any more info aboute Salomons Gumboot and Rossi vibram sole boot on the web?
I wan't something stiffer then Scarpa Denail, But i nead walk mode because i work in Skipatrol,
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Those boots were at SIA, as far as I know, they are offered with special Salomon bindings (non DIN) only. They wouldn't be compatible with a regular binding. I only saw them paired with rental systems, targeted at people who want ease around the parking lot (you know, people who never ski and could care less if the boot performs or not). I don't think Salomon is (as of yet) making a boot for high-end skiers, but that may be in the works. The whole idea is the same as the hostage binding systems-force the consumer to buy your product across the board.
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