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boots for wide calves

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here is my problem. i have really big calves. in order to fit into the boots i usually need to go up a size. i have even tried womens boots but to no avail. does anybody know if there are any boots specifically made for wide calves if anyone could help it would be appreciated
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This year's Atomics are fairly short in the cuff, allowing larger calves (like mine!) to fit -- I've actually ended up going with a set of Tecnica Icon Carbons, however, and have had some of the packing taken out of the tongue, as the volume in the rest of the boot is excellent. Not the easiest boot for ingress/egress, however.

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Dalbello boots are just about the roomiest in the upper cuff. I would try them.
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Is your instep high or low? What foot width and general foot shape do you have? Narrow, medium or wide heels? In my view these are the issues to address first when buying boots.

Most good ski shops can easily reposition buckles to accomodate wider calves or insert heel wedges to raise the lower leg in the boot if appropriate. The rear spoilers can also be lowered or in some cases removed to further shorten the boot.

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I have the same problem. Most comfy boots I ever owned were a pair of Raichle PowerFlex (not crazy about the flex though - I like stiffer boots). Right now I have a 2 year old pair of Nordica Grand Prixs which is the best comfort vs performance boot I can remember. Line was discontinued and unfortunately I don't know much about the new Nordica models. Back in October I tried the Atomic 10.50s and they felt good in the shop, which is a big change form the Koflach days - I could never get into their high end boots.
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Raichle Flexon Comp's have a two position upper bail setting that allows for easy no tools adjustment to accomodate wider calves without having to pop and reposition buckle rivets. They also have a super stiff (for Raichle that is) tongue used on the World Cup circuit that works really great without being Nordica Doberman stiff.

I finally got a set a few months back and tried them out for two days last week after skiing the previous three days with their "medium stiff" (for Raichle that is) tongue which is their stiffest standard tongue regularly sold now called the Flexon Pro-T. They also market a softer tongue.

If you can find a pair of Raichle World Cup tongues They might be the thing for you. I puchacesd mine while in Japan and they were sort of pricey. In the USA at least one forum member here paid only $50.00 for a set.
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Gonzo, my wife was sold a pair of Dalbello SGS boots late last season because it was thought that she need canting. After the boot shop at Taos did custom footbeds for her the canting came out neutral.

The problem is she had trouble hitting her big toe in front and it turned blue, the guy in the Taos shop said they were a size too small (size 7) so she got other boots and wants to sell these...

I've been trying to find and on-line store which would give a price for those boots, I don't remember what we paid for them but it was a lot. I would like to get half out of them since she only skied them four times and the right one has a couple of edge scratches on the side, barely visible. Otherwise they are like new...


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Hi Ott,

Sorry to hear Ann's boots didn't work out. I don't know the best way to try to set a price. Since Harb pushes them so thoroughly in his PMTS system, perhaps an area that subscribes to PMTS instruction would welcome them at their shop? Or maybe a person who frequents such a ski area would respond to some advertising?

Just a thought. Good luck.
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Gonzo, I just uploaded a picture of the boots thanks to the handiness of a digital camera...

I was just trying to see how much to ask for them, even locally...

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