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Pivogy Status?

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Anyone have an update on the status of Line's new Pivogy binding? Will they be available this year? From where?

I know one of the features of the binding is that it is designed for a preset screw set on the ski, though other bindings can be used instead. If using other bindings, will there be an "adapter" plate to utilize the pre-drilled holes or will you have to drill your own?
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I was told that the Line binding was set to be released in 2004. Now whether this means fall of 2004 or winter of 2004, I dont know. Line's skis for next year are going to be quite different than we have seen in past seasons. They will have a full line of skis, not just twin tips. Coupled with their new bindings I think you will find that their freeride skis will be a hot item. I have seen the Pivogy in a ski shop recently, but it was for display purposes only. the skis that will accept the pivogy binding are not out in shops yet. There was some sort of set back with the bindings that postponed their release for the 2003 - 2004 season. Most likely you will start to see them in early 2004, and definitely by spring/summer of 2004. I'm looking foreward to see what the entire range of Line skis looks like for the 2004 - 2005 season.
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The Pivogy bindings seem very interesting. My understanding is that they were scheduled for release (no pun intended) this season. However, they are being manufactured in China. The recent SARS epidemic there created certain difficulties that caused Line to pospone their distribution until next season.
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Okay, so no Pivogy this year. The Line skis have the pre-drilled mounting holes in them--are there any other bindings that will fit into these?

Assuming the answer is "no", I've been checking out some Salomon S912 bindings--I'm partial to Salomon in general. Are there any other comparable bindings to the S912 I should consider, even if they're another brand?

Gotta get these skis ready for the season...
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The Pivogys were out last year, arrived very, very late, and then broke in great numbers. Now they say they won't be out this season because of SARS. Sounds a little odd, but I hope they can work out the kinks.
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Why would you want this binding?
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By Seth:
Why would you want this binding?
The new design arguably reduces the risk of exposure to ACL injuries significantly.
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I'll wait and see on that one.
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Originally posted by Lostboy:
By Seth: </font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Why would you want this binding?
The new design arguably reduces the risk of exposure to ACL injuries significantly.</font>[/quote]At this point there is absolutly no data or well thought out argument whatsoever to suggest that this product can do anything to reduce the exposure to ACL injuries.

Best guess... we will never see it! It will go the way of The Spring,Americana,Besser,Moog,Spademan,Cubco,Miller etc. None of these products were viable nor were they sustainable.

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