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salomon XWaves Flex problem??

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Hi everyone,

I'm loving my new Salomon XWaves for this season: they did wonders. However I noticed they really don't flex forward. I've read the threads debating this...all very interesting.

But I'm wondering about the non-forward flex of this boot in particular: when I lean forward there is a TINY amount of flex, however I notice the sides of the boot around the FOOT, expands when this happens. This doesn't seem right: surely it should flex but keep the same shape around the foot. Upon close inspection I can see that the bottom of the 2nd buckle from the top, the plastic underneath the teeth where you hookup the buckle, presses against the top of the foot: it looks like it's actually impossible to flex.

(IE it looks like there isn't any room for it to flex because the plastic under the teeth of the 2nd buckle is too wide and presses against the top of the foot).

Anyone had experience with this?

I seem to recall one poster a few months back saying that there is a problem with Salomon and flex, but this person wasn't willing to talk about it on the internet.

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Had a similar experience with my Xwave 10's. Can't say if I can explain what causes it, I haven't researched it as much as you have. On the 10's there is a set screw by the cuff adjustment that can be removed to soften the flex, but I never tried taking it out, so I can't say whether it works or not. I believe this feature is unique to the 10, the 9 and 8 don't have the screw. I've since moved on to a different pair of boots, not so much because of the flex, the Salomons packed out a lot, and just didn't fit as well. As soon as I got in my new boots, it was apparent to me that I had gotten used to constantly trying to flex forward from skiing in the Salomons, in the new boots the flex while not soft, was a lot more natural, that you didn't have to think about it. Can't say that the Salomons skied poorly because of it, but it was noticable.
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Thats one of the interesting things: I am skiing better in the Salomons but then, I was only used to rental boots before this. I really can't flex them, yet I'm having a GREAT time in them. With the talk of flex on this board, I guess I wonder what I might be missing though.

It's only yesterday that I noticed the reason it wasn't flexing, well, that is to say it really looks as if that plastic strip under the teeth of the 2nd buckle is so wide it's impossible to flex: you can SEE how it can't be done.

Unless someone else can pipe up with Salomon XWave 9 info??
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the Xwave 9 and 10 are the same boot just the 9 doesn't have the extra T nuts behind the cant screw.
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Snowbear, I can bend the black plastic underneath that second buckle (2002 XWave9). (Edited to say: by hand, with thumb pressure).

Most of the 'foot' volume underneath that bending bit is actually higher than the ankle pivot, so, to my mind, that volume is really only useful when putting the boot on. (And when taking up slack in liner flex, maybe).

Notice that the rest of the foot section of shell is much more rigid, so that the bit of the shell actually around your foot is not flexing at all.

Comparing this boot to my '94 Tecnicas, I actually have to take my hat off to Salomon for managing this bit of plastic molding wizardry- the Techs visibly distort around the girth of the foot. What the Salomon injection molding brains apparently did is move all that flex to the least useful section of shell.

I wonder if the proportions of this shell and buckle placement are significantly different on larger sizes- I barely notice the effect on size 26.0.

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