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Good Skiing Convenient to NY Metro Area

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The redhead XP80s are anxious to strut their stuff and I want to find out just what I have gotten my hands on. To the rescue comes news of a rogue snow storm starting perhaps this evening and making Wednesday a difficult day to get to work.

Do skiers have any suggestions about good, relatively challenging day trip skiing not to far from Westchester County? How does Windham stack up against Hunter these days?

Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts.
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Windham is a nice little mountain. Not as crowded as Hunter. It used to take me about 2 hours from Ft. Lee, NJ.
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I skied at Jiminy Peak a couple of Sundays ago. (MLK weekend) They don't have as much vertical as Hunter or Windham, but they have a couple of nice, pretty steep runs straight down the fall line top to bottom. Less run out than Windham. Less winding around the mountan than Hunter. About the same drive time from Fairfield County, CT. Plus, on that crowded Sunday there was virtually no line for their high speed 6-pack chair after lunch time and hardly anybody on the double black run. One more thing I like is that you can buy a 4 or 8 hour ticket. The clock starts when you buy the ticket so you can get there at 10:17Am and ski until 6:17PM.
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Thanks guys.

If it snows we have decided to go to Jiminy Peak. Tommorow is an e coupon day which allows people who bring an e coupon with them get to ski for $15. Based on what I have read, dressed in a foot of new snow, Jiminy should provide an enjoyable day of skiing.

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As terrain goes, Hunter has the best. 1600 ft vertical with very good top to bottom pitch. The back side and Claires Way will make even the most hardened bumper get tired. Best skiing south of Vermont.
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We skied Jiminy Peak and were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the trails. Its not Killington south, but in 4 hours, one can get in a fair amount of skiing with two modest restrictions.

A) It only takes about 10 minutes to go from bottom to top to bottom again.

B) One needs to expend some energy walking to get to the top of several of the trails.

I agree with what Crank said, that while Hunter definitely has more vertical, many of their trails were wrapped around the mountain in a peculiar way that left something to be desired. At Jiminy there are a number of pleasant trails with decent vertical, that are laid out down vertically down the mountain. It turned out to be a fine place for an initial demo of the redheads.

Special thanks to Crank for suggesting a place we might have passed by otherwise.
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