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In January 2017, three everyday guys from Salt Lake City set out on an adventure to conquer all 14 resorts of Utah in 7 days. This is their story. Check out our best of video compilations which feature all 14 resorts!



Disclaimer: We are not professional skiers or snowboarders. So DO try (most of) this at home.


Meet Jared "JJ" Jones, Matthew D. LaPlante, and Erik "Swede" Price - all avid boarders and/or skiers. One of our group is old school and likes to telemark, we'll let you figure out which one... A former high school ski racer, Jared Jones spends most of his mountain time on a board these days, but he can still hang on parallel planks. He’s also got a degree in film from the University of Utah (which totally makes sense for someone who flies attack helicopters for the Utah National Guard, right?). Check out his work at or his newest channel:


Matthew D. LaPlante is an assistant professor of journalism at Utah State University (go Aggies!). His reporting work from around the world is available at You can follow the Ski (all of) Utah trip on Twitter, @SkiAllOfUtah

Side Note: this project was his idea… Jared told him this was probably the best idea he’s ever had.


Another life-time skier, Erik Price also flies for the Utah National Guard and like Jared has multiple Afghanistan tours under his belt (Hindu Kush skiing or bust!). Erik and his twin brother Sean have their own aerial photo/video company, Wrk2Play. Check out their work at:


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