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Helllll met!!!

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Okay, I am going to buy a Helmet this year.
Which one?
I like the Giro 9. Fits well due to my Orange on a Toothpick Head. :0
What about the other Brands ? Thoughts?
Best place to buy? I was at Galyans when this urge to spend Hit me!!!!
Thanks in advance from Michigan, where its 60 Degrees outside now?????
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Boeri's usually fit well for people with round heads; I have a more oval head so there are always big gaps at the sides of my head when I try on Boeris. I have a Carrera helmet now which I love but Carrera's might be too narrow for your head. Also, Jofa's are a pretty good basic helmet that fit everyone fairly well.
Definitely do not buy a helmet unless you have had a chance to try it on and test the size/fit.

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What about the Heat retention/Cooling factor people have had with theirs?
I would hate to sweat my Onion off or have it too cool.
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I have a very round head and I like the Boeri's which is what I wear.

My wife has a Giro which she loves and it is lighter than my helmet but didn't fit as well.
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Fit is everthing, maybe the only thing. I was lucky, my melon rattled around in the expensive buckets, but a cheap Leedom from Cosco ($49) fit perfectly.
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I used to think only 16 and under were the Helmet crowd. However, I seem to think its a good idea. My wife and I were out to Park City last yeay and we each had a Near miss with a few folks.
I am not so worried about my falling skills. It those around me...

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Let me tout helmets. Safety: the ski patrol had a lecture a few weeks ago by a neurosurgeon doing a study on helmets. He had scary stats, but to summarize, any head injury would be less severe if victim had a helmet on, and a certain number of deaths would have been prevented if the poor bastards had a helmet. I got a helmet because I was making my kid wear one and it seemed only fair. However, I have found that I really like wearing the helmet for a number of reasons: It makes a great hat, keeps me warm, dry, and even cool. If I am hot, I just open the vents, straightline and the circulating air just cools me right down. I like to ski the eastern trees and I have been poked on the helmet a number of times by branch stubs and all that happened is I heard the noise. So I credit the helmet with saving my gourd from a few gouges. I have not taken a head-hit from a fall, but hey, could happen. Great place to put epicski stickers, AC will send you some, if you ask.
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Some people laugh at helmets but you see more and more adults wearing them as they should.

It doesn't take much to get nailed by someone on the wrong trail without the skill to control themselves and


It took me one day to get used to it and now I don't even realize I have one on.
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The Giro 9 is (as stated earlier) good for oval shaped heads. The Giro Fuse is better for rounder shaped heads. Both have good systems for venting/sealing the vents (the Fuse is a little more high tech but both work well).
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When considering not only which brand, take a look at the models and some of the pros/cons.

First Boeri was a full helmet and quite warm in cold weather and not too hot on warmer days with the front adjustable vents. The only problem was that I never realized how much I use my ears when I ski. By that, I mean how much I listened to changes in the sound of the snow or ice under me for feedback.

I recently bought an Ovo with the easily removable ear flaps. It's not as "plush" as the Boeri in terms of comfort and fit of the liner, but I can now hear my students and I can hear the snow again ... I can go no flaps on warm days and flaps on cold days .... I will admit that the radical styling (way out of character), had something to do with the attraction too.
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You may also wish to take a tip from the bikers and get a super-thin helmet-liner cap or balaclava.

Much easier to wash than an entire helmet!
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Never buy a helmet without trying one on and walking around in it - unless you want a headache or don't want your head protected at all, but then why do you need one? It is almost as important as boot fitting.
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I feel that helemts are like boots. All the name brands are good and have to meet similar regulations. What works best is what fits you best, just as in boots. Try as many brands on as possible and buy the one that fits best. You would never buy a pair of boots just cause someone said that they fit them well would you.
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Originally posted by yuki:

I recently bought an Ovo with the easily removable ear flaps. It's not as "plush" as the Boeri in terms of comfort and fit of the liner, but I can now hear my students and I can hear the snow again ... I can go no flaps on warm days and flaps on cold days .... I will admit that the radical styling (way out of character), had something to do with the attraction too.
I also like to hear everything around me.

The Boeri I have is not a full helmet and has removable ear flaps also but I can hear perfectly with or without them.
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There are a lot of different brands and styles out there. As others have said try them on. Joffa (a Swedish company), is an excellent value if it fits you.
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Thanks Everyone.
I am going out today to try a few on. I also have to hear the snow underboot.
I like the Giros so far.
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Once I started trying on helmets, I quickly discovered that the weight of the helmet was a major consideration, as well as the fit. Some of the cheaper ones were quite heavy and I would have not wanted to wear them all day long. I bought a K2 helmet and I forget I have it on. Has vents and I can remove the ear flaps so don't get too hot. Suggest you also take your goggles along to make sure they fit, otherwise you might find you have to fork out even more money.
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The K2 helmets are nice, I was just checking them out at the ski show today. Light, adjustable venting, removable liner to wash etc. I'm probably going to consider wearing one this year now that the technology has advaced considerably.
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here's a link found on the Ski club of GB website to a consumer report on helmets - might be useful. mMmtzZe81MFEIs0E4E2Hot317vfit3nDwxRap|714411910927 889158/169937913/6/7005/7005/7002/70 02/7005/-1|513936303112626207/169937910/6/7005/7005/7002/7002/7005/-1&FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=360429&bmUID=10685602631 22

[err, that didn't work quite as planned so you may have to copy the link into your browser - sorry!! : ]

I have had a Giro 9 for the last 2 seasons, for me it's great. As mentioned above, a thin balaclava is a good idea as it stops the wind round your neck and ears.


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