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Moment PB&J

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UPDATE: These skis are no longer available.
Originally Posted by Guy Anderson View Post

Hi Mike   I might be interested in your PB&J's if you still have them...I am new to this Epic Forum and live in Seattle ...have a lot of skis also...I am not sure being that I am new if you can reply to my post/reply...[personal contact info delete]...I am looking for 185cm Hell and back's also

You have probably moved on, but I wanted to bump this thread. I have now spent about 10 days on the PB&Js and they are a blast, but landed up feeling too short for me in steep technical terrain. So... I'm going to let them go.

I remounted them with Marker Griffon demo bindings so I could play with the mount point, so they are ready for any boot size.


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mod note:

the above post was originally in this thread. Since that thread was about a comparison between two different skis and this is offering one of those skis for sale, the above post was moved to this separate thread in the buy and sell forum.

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It looks like the moderator moved the thread over here, so I'm going to throw in some more info:


I skied this about 8 times this season and it is in excellent condition. The couple scrapes in the photos have been p-texed. I am selling because at 182cm they skied a little short for me. (Should have gotten the 188 for my height and weight.) That said, they are awesome skis. Super versatile and fun but stable in almost all conditions. ... And the graphics are amazing.


It was originally mounted with Look pivot bindings for a 300 BSL, (see the previous thread) and I remounted it with Marker Griffon demo bindings so I could play with the mount point. It has a large sweet spot so can be moved to center for park and moved back to rip all-mountain.


Length: 182 CM
Tip: 129cm
Waist: 101cm
Tail: 121cm
Radius: 21m
Weight/pair: 8.6lbs

Blister gear has great things to say about this ski, as well as many other reviews online.


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What is your height and wieght? Im 6'2" 185. Was going to go with the 188s but curious as to your experience with these skis and how short they ski. 

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Hi, I'm 6' , 155#, expert skier.  I'd definitely go with the 188's. (I don't ski park so can't say if the shorter length would work better there.) The skis are relatively stiff so in harder snow the rocker splay makes them feel short. A heavier skier may be able to bend these a bit more than I can and get more use out of the edges.


My experience of skiing short was more pronounced in steep terrain and firm snow where pressuring hard on the tips would often wash out the tails. I'm a more directional skier and just never felt quite at ease with the rocker profile and center stance. However, on less steep slopes or when the snow was soft, skiing from a centered stance on these was a blast!


Hope that helps.



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Okay, Thanks ajc. I will hold off for some 188s. 


As a quick side note, what was your experience on steep hard groomers with these. I am an advanced - expert skier and love to lap the side country when there is decent snow, but have no problem nuking groomers at 65 mph if thats the best thing going. Will these hold a good edge if you are really standing on them? 

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Sorry, I somehow missed your last question. The effective edge on hard snow is going to be less because of the rocker profile, but they do hold a good edge and don't flap around at speed.

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