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Getting grips off of Scott poles?

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Okay, so I got a set of Scott GS poles as a gift and they are a tad long (52" whereas I typically take 50" and/or 48"). They were a gift from a relative and the shop she bought them at doesn't have a set of 50"s. So, I want to cut them down, but for the lift of me cannot get the grips off the poles. Is there some secret trick I am unaware of???

I've tried just about everything I can think of, including putting the pole (grip end) between a door and door frame to pull on as well as having a friend old the grip and me twisting/pulling on the pole. A ski patroller here at Snowshoe suggested using a vice to hold the grip, but I don't have access to a vice.

Any ideas or suggestions would be more than wonderful! I'm really loving the feel of the poles, but their length is forcing me to ski a little to upright when I pole plant and sorta putting me in the backseat at times.

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I assume ithat if there are any visable screws, you have removed them. That accomplished some heat may be useful. You could try heating the grips with a hair dryer. If this doesn't work them submerging the grips in hot water (almost boiling) may help. I like the door frame idea as well. Good luck.
P.S. I should add that I am not a ski mechanic, dealer or ski professional and have never tried this with a pair of Scott poles. I am not a trained professional nor do I play one on T.V., but I would try the aformentioned suggestions at home if they were my poles. I hope this might help.
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You are talking about these? , ite. the charcoal & grey soft grips? Or the hard red plastic ones?

There is a grey pin in the upper part of the soft grip, just below the top knob. After looking at removing that, I would try to get a knitting needle or something similar in between the pole and the grip, and drip some isopropanol in there as a temporary "lube". The nice thing about isopropanol is that it will dry off fast and clean the surface both, and will not attack the rubber.

For hard grips, even after loosening/removing the top screw, it often takes a lot of force to get the grip off. (For me, mostly true of Kermas, though) So, I cut a U-groove into a piece of 3/4 inch oak flooring, just wide enough that the pole shaft will pass, then clamped the oak to an I-beam overhead: the idea being not to compress the grip by clamping it in a vise. Even with my 212 lbs yanking on it it could take a while but it would come off.

Steal a trick from the bike folks and lube the grip with hair spray when you put it back on.

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It's this pole (http://www.artechski.com/Merchant2/m...egory_Code=004). The Scott World Cup GS Strike with the "race" grip as it's called on that website. I tried pushing the pin out with a small piece of steel rod, but it wouldn't budge. I guess I need to push harder then, eh?

I've never had any grip stick this well to any of the previous poles I have every owned. All the Leki poles I've owned I could merely pull the grip right off without exerting any force. I guess I am just a little surprised at how hard these things are to get off.

Thanks for the help!
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The pin PULLS OUT, and is quite soft: gently use needlenose pliers and pull straight out so that you do not deform it. It is really only there to hold the pole strap, though, and doesn't really add to shaft grip at all.

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