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Ski Jackets for Team

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Does anybody know if I could find any ski jackets for our high school ski team for next year? I will need about 30 jackets in the color dark green. The team would use them for skiing out east so they have to be warm and waterproof. The price has to be around $100, so I am looky for left over from the past season. Do any companies offer any discounts for old models and schools teams?

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I'd try Beyond X or Schneider Racing, but don't be suprised if you don't find them all that cheap.

Our local ski team went with Carhart hoodies last season. Very durable, and pretty distinctive among the other teams.
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Call Cupolo's, see what they can do for you. Jay is usually more than happy to deal with ski teams. The number is 1-905-356-4850, ask for Jay, Matt Cringan, or Andy Price. Matt and Andy are the snowboard and ski hardgood managers, but they will be able to help you and will set you up with nice stuff through one of the other department managers.
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Search for Avalance brand jackets on the net. They do custom jackets.

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rumor has it the jacket for Fischer pro reps next year will be carharts. I can't wait.
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UCSD ski team a few years back used Marker jackets. I believe it was about $100/jacket with the mascot embroidered on them. i'll see if i can get a picture up
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Schneider ( and Beyond X ( have been mentioned above. Both do some customized stuff. Both websites have a bunch of information.

Another supplier is Karbon:
They've got a nifty little "color-your-coat" deal on their website.

There are a bunch of other companies that sell a lot of color combinations, though they may not do custom orders of every possible combination. Descente ( is one example.
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As heluvaskier posted, you can give me a call, and I can see what I can do for you.

Matt Cringan

or email me at
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