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When is Spring Break CO

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I remember once reading a post from a CO local stating she will be glad when March is over due to midweek crowding from spring breakers. Just wanted to get some local knowledge on this phenomenon as I have a couple midweek days March 21/22 to ski and would like to take full advantage of midweek skiing. Are most of the major resorts in CO affected by this? Thanks very much for any info.

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I believe the majority of the front range will be out the week of March 27th.  I think the Springs is early.  Maybe the 2nd week of March?  Douglas is out the week of March 20th.  It will increase the crowds but with only one county off on your dates, I think the bigger impact would be the out of state people coming.


I think you will be mostly fine where ever you decide to go. 

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It's been many years since I've visited during spring break usually we would plan trips in Jan or Feb.  This year we're coming to Winter Park for March 13-16.  I'll have 2 never ever teens with me so I'm hoping they won't get too intimidated with any crowds.

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OK thanks. I think the TX crowd affects some places more than others. ie. Wolf/Purg. I was thinking MJ and/or Steamboat. It may be a moot point as I am waiting till a few days before to decide and based on late airfare rates have it down to Denver, SLC, Seattle, Portland, Boise, or anywhere in CA.

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I'm always in Aspen the last week of March.   Crowds are never an issue.


Since you don't like to drive over passes, the direct flight from LAX would be perfect.

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Originally Posted by SHREDHEAD View Post

I'm always in Aspen the last week of March.   Crowds are never an issue.


Since you don't like to drive over passes, the direct flight from LAX would be perfect.

Yeah I figured Aspen area wouldn't be affected at all. I'll keep that in mind for sure. Could be a bit pricey last minute though. I'd make the drive from DIA if it aint blizzarding. Thanks!

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The flights from LAX are actually pretty cheap. 

$406/rt currently, you wouldn't need a car and you can ski both arrival and departure days.

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Wow that makes a lot of sense. I'd save at least $100 on rental car fees and gas. It's been added to my radar. Thanks very much
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  I second the Aspen recommendation. Mid to late March is an ideal time there.

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And I will be in Snowmass for the last week of March this year.  It's always a blast.

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And I may just join you out there.  Had a blast at Snowmass last spring as usual.  The free tasty snacks set out by the NYC real estate company were nice too!




And then there is the selection at the New Belgium Ranger Station

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Breckenridge is expecting March 13 to be the busiest day of the year due to the Texas spring break crowd.

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Believe RCC is correct, 3/13 is the Monday of Texas Spring Break Week. Summit County can get pretty intense that week. I experienced it in 2015. Ground zero was the City Market on Dillon Ridge Rd :-) If you stay away from base areas at Breck, ski the Outback at Keystone, or go to Beaver Creek or A-Basin you should be ok.
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Aspen is looking good for my son's Spring Break next week.  We always have a blast there.  Can't beat it.

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