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Becoming a paid patrol member with a Felony conviction

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Hello Everyone, 


Nearly 8 years ago I found myself mixed into the wrong type of life and was charged with two felonies and sent to jail for a year. When I was released my brother made me an offer to come live with him in Park City,UT an offer that changed my life forever. 


Over the last 8 winters I have devoted all my time to skiing and have fallen deeply in love with the mountains. I work in the summers as a professional skydiver and take off the winters off to ski full time. My dream is to become a Pro Patrol member in Utah or California. 


My question is, does anyone out there have any info on joining a patrol with a felony? If you are familiar with Felony convictions than you know its nearly impossible to get a job even if you are fully qualified and have left your past behind for good... I have any AVY 2 cert and plan on working hard through the summer to get my OEC and EMT-b. 


Is there any hope for me to join a patrol with my past? Any info is greatly appreciated. 

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I can't answer your question about getting a job with patrol.  However, you can learn about the possibility of expunging your record in Utah here:




If your conviction was in another state, try googling "expunge felony [state name]"

There are details (what kind of felony, the rest of your record, how much time has elapsed, sex offenses more than likely not eligible for expungement, etc. etc.) that are different in every state.

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You could probably get a job at some smaller resorts.   I seriously doubt VR would hire you at PC.

I have a felon working for me in a different field.


Congrats on changing your life and good luck finding your passion. 

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Thanks for the response guys, My felonies are from Arizona and they do not offer felony expungment in that state. I have researched and spoken with lawyers to verify. 


My hopes are for a smaller resort to give me a chance!!


Thanks again all replies mean allot to me!


Anyone else with any info or ideas are more than welcome to comment.

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I'm a volunteer at a small Midwest area, and they did background checks on us. I guess it would depend on the felony too. Might be a little tricky if they do BC's.

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Sorry, but my guess is that you will not pass the BATFE background check and therefore will not be able to handle explosives - which is a requirement for most patrollers at most big mountain resorts in the west. So, employment may be limited to resorts that have no avalanche hazard mitigation work.

Not judging, just informing.

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I would also check the rules for EMT certification. I know for sure that in some states you must be able to pass a background check to be certified with the state registry. Not sure if there is a requirement for one for the national registry. There is not a background requirement for OEC but my patrol just started requiring them for all patrollers including volunteers. My understanding of this was that it had more to do with our frequent interaction with children more then anything else so I don't know how they would respond to a felony conviction not related to sexual offences as it has not come up with our patrollers.  


Unfortunately for OP the medical career field, even first responder, is pretty hard, if not impossible to get into as a felon due to the close proximity of controlled substances. 


Best of luck OP I hope your able to find a way to make it work. 

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Thanks again for all the responses guys, it means allot. I've written an email explaining my felony situation and goals related to the patrol that I plan on sending to multiple patrols across the western states. Fingers crossed that someone will give me a chance to prove myself on a patrol.

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I would consider mailing a real letter on paper instead of sending in a random email unless you already have established some kind of job relationship with a resort.
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You may also want to try to get an in-person visit with any potential employer.  In 5 minutes you can usually tell if someone is full of it or not.  It may take some luck to find that person willing to give you 5 minutes but it might be your chance.  Best of luck.

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Also, consider other positions besides ski patrol and other ski locations around the country.  In the East one of the most important, toughest, and thankless jobs belongs to the men and women who operate snowmaking equipment.  They're outside on the mountain at the coldest times and the darkest nights making it happen so the rest of us can have a ball the next day and next week.  Many also operate the heavy equipment/vehicles used for snowgrooming.  Best wishes and welcome to EpicSki.

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