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Paging Betaracer

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I'm based in Canada. Having a hard time tracking down info on when the last Atomic demo days are up at Whistler/Blackcomb. I'd love to buy some 170 cm SX 11 Supercrosses from the demo crew if that's at all possible - after the last day of course.

I called the Atomic Sports Canada/Wilson Sports 1-800 line but I didn't get much information.

The Whistler Blackcomb site isn't useful in this regard either.

Thanks in advance.

Should this be in gear? Or in Buy/Sell?
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Hey Lee,

Next (and last) Demo days are this weekend (April 18, 19 and 20) on Whistler
Atomic will be there, but Sunday will see us pulling out early in order to get all our gear down at a reasonable time. See you then


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Beta, Jay T will arrive back in the village on thurs. I will look for you on Whistler to say hi.
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Does Atomic sell there demo skis? I might be interested in a pair if they do.

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Lucky, I think Jay is back tonight. Come by the tent. I'm the least small guy.

I can only say what happens to the British Columbia fleet. We sell it all to one retailer. Easier for us. Plus, we would take away from sales of the retailer if we sold directly to the consumer. Sorry.
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Hi BetaR,

Not sure of your role at Atomic, but may I suggest that it would be really, really helpful if you guys could post your demo schedule on the web somewhere?

I am eagerly looking forward to demoing some of Atomic's skis in the fall. I think they're exactly what I'm looking for and will likely buy them. But I'm dreading the October search through the 20+ New England ski resorts to find each resort's demo days. And after that and a 3 hour drive, I'm not even sure if you guys will be there.

Some people find the whole demo/ski buying process a little difficult. This just seems like a fairly simple thing the manufacturers or distributers can do to make it a little easier.

Just my humble opinion. Thanks for the time to read.

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GK, we do list a demo schedule on our website. Only includes Canada though.
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Thanks Beta,

Sorry, I hadn't visited the Canadian site so I didn't see it. Just the US and international sites.

I wish the US folks would put their schedules up. Or maybe I'll just have to drive up to Quebec to demo...

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Originally posted by RCrumb:
There's huge demand for accurate information and the supplier web sites and many of the retail shops are inadequate at providing the quantity and quality of information that most of the epic ski folks desire.

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