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2003 Ski pics?

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Anywhere on the web?
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Yea if i remember right sombody here said they had a new brochure from Atomic they got from a trade show, wish they would scan some pictures from it and post them on a site.
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Had a copy of the Rossignol, K2 & Technica brochures in my hand today.

My thoughts:
K2 Axis XR looks great. (similar spec to the Axis X Pro of this year, but slightly narrower and with an Ultralight riser plate.
The new Axis XP (replacement for Axis X Pro) is wider all round - make it even better in the pow!
Technica Icon Hotform looks interesting - I may get a pair for myself!
Rossignol - saw the RPM, but nothing stood out.

Unfortunately I didn't have a scanner, and I wasn't allowed to hold on to the brochures!

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If you are patient, they will come. If you can hold out a bit longer, you should be able to see the actual skis on the ski shop wall when per-packs are delivered.

I can tell you that I have the Atomic catalog beside me as I type this, and have no desire to scan it. Now that the ski trade shows are winding down, the manufacturers and magazines will be posting the models in the near future.
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Check out www.skipass.com for lotsa pics of new skis. It's in french, so if you can speak it that's a plus, if not theres always altavista.

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Dynastar/Lange has pictures of their new skis-

web page
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