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Head RD or RS100 boot?

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I am trying to determine which boot I want to order-I want either the Head RD (new plug boot, NARROW! (tighter than Dobie)) or the Head RS100 (fairly narrow 100mm last). I tried on the RD and it was tight, also very stiff. I am concerned that it will be too still for me at 150lbs. I am also not sure if I want to deal with tons of grinding-this boot is extremely narrow and will require lots of work (compared with some Tecnica XT's which I tried on and which fit right out of the box). The other option is the Head RS100-next season's consumer boot with a 100mm last and fairly solid flex (just a touch softer than this season's N97ti). I like the Head's because they are upright and seem to fit my leg structure very well-just trying on the sample, the boot already felt like it was set up for me.

What will be the likely performance difference between the RD (plug boot) and RS100 (high-end consumer race boot)? The only other plug-type boot I have skied were the Tecnica XT17's-I loved the snow feel and responsiveness, but they were going to require tons of canting work (I was very bowlegged in them) so I decided to look elsewhere. For comparison purposes, I am currently skiing a Salomon Course-I like the boot, but the XT's flex pattern was so much smoother-the Course is stiffer, has a more uneven forward flex pattern, feels bulkier, and isn't as responsive laterally. Still a good boot though. Ideally I want a boot like the XT17 but with a more netural stance, so I don't have to do tons of canting to bring me netural. What would you recommend?
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lange rl-1 in a ZB-ZB flex for 150lbs, all the other race boots are just copies of it any ways (well maybe not the doberman)
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